This Week In Social: Twitter Launches Vine, Facebook Ad Conversion Tracking, Twitter Embedded Tweets Update

By Rob McNair

Vine, A New Way To Share Video On Twitter

Yesterday, Twitter launched their new service called Vine, a mobile sevice which allows users to capture and share short looping videos. You’ve only got 6 seconds to play with so make sure it’s a good un’. It also allows you to capture sound. The only slight problem is for Android users… the app is only available on iOS at the moment.

Although it’s only a 6 second video it’s made Twitter more interactive. The majority of videos being shared are terrible, but give a week or so and we’ll start seeing creative Vines. This new video system allows Twiter to get more information from its users. People are much more likely to share their location alongside a video than they are with a simply tweet. Vine isn’t expected to replace to Instagram, nor is it meant to replace YouTube. It’s a relatively new form of media, a self-made video rather than another filtered photo. No doubt we’ll soon seen Vine integrated with Twitter ads for another form of ads for the platform.

Anyway we all know photos are so over…

Facebook Rolls Out Ad Conversion Measurement

Facebook announced on Tuesday that they’ve rolled our conversion measurement system across its global accounts. The tool was first announced back in November, but now is available globally and can be used on all ads and sponsored stories. Facebook says the tool can report when a user views an ad on one platform, like mobile, but then converts on another, like a PC. It’s the only tool so far that can do this.

If it can show that marketers can save money by using these tools as part of their campaign, it’ll ultimately mean users will spend more money and effort advertising on the social network. The tool allows advertisers to put some code on their site in order to track actions like checkout/payments that have been drive by an ad on Facebook. This then feeds back into how marketers run their campaigns on optimised CPMs for more effective responses.

This addition to the ad platform is largely aimed at sites with transactional elements such as those for e-commerce, travel & retail, says Facebook. Another example of where this could be used is for less commercial efforts such as tracking mail signups.

Twitter Updates Embedded Tweet

Twitter announced on Tuesday that it has tweaked its embeddable tweets products to include more content. Many users still don’t embedded tweets and rather provide a screenshot, but embedded tweets allow for a new level of engagement. Twitter announced:

“Today, we’re introducing several enhancements that make embedded Tweets more engaging, useful and fast.

More content and context. Embedded Tweets display photos, videos, article summaries and other content shared in a Tweet, just like you see on You can also view retweet and favorite counts to better understand engagement, and we’ve made some tweaks to the design so that embedded Tweets are easier to read.

Faster loading. You’ll see Embedded Tweets show up faster on the sites you visit.

Embed with ease. It’s now even easier to embed a Tweet on your own website. Just click the “More” button in any Tweet on, and then select “Embed this Tweet” to enrich your blog posts or pages. You can do the same on TweetDeck.”

Embedded tweets also allows readers to decide whether a source is trustworthy, along with noting the number of RTs and favourites that specific tweet received.

TweetDeck To Be Struck Off As UK Business

The title isn’t as bad as it seems! Back in December Twitter was fined for overdue UK account filings, as was Twitter, but Twitter has since filed accounts. TweetDeck’s failure to file its UK accounts is part of a process to wind up the company’s status as a separate corporate entity to its parent company Twitter. An image of the letter sent to TweetDeck can be seen below.

Although TweetDeck started life in the UK as a third party Twitter client in 2008, it’s becoming the number one Twitter client. It was acquired in May 2011 for a price tag around $40 million, and has since become branded as ‘Tweetdeck by Twitter’ on their site.

This post was written by Rob McNair

Rob has experience advising some of the worlds most iconic brands. He thrives on helping improving social media knowledge within organisations with the ultimate goal of making theirs brands more social, transparent and accountable.