This Week in Social: Grammys Is Most Talked About Show, AMEX Launches ‘Pay By Tweet’, Google Hangout From Space & Users Can Now Promote Facebook Friends’ Posts

This Week in Social: Grammys Is Most Talked About Show, AMEX Launches ‘Pay By Tweet’, Google Hangout From Space & Users Can Now Promote Facebook Friends’ Posts

By Liam Foy

Grammys Top the 20 Most Social TV Shows of the Week

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The title might be slightly deceiving, as not only did the Grammys top this weeks most social shows, is soared amongst the most social TV shows of the year, so far. The Grammys has achieved the accolade of being the second most talked about show of the year, behind the Super Bowl. In fact, social activity surrounding the Grammys climbed 511% from 2012. Mobile interactions increased to 88% from 57% last year. And the most popular hashtag of the show (#grammys) logged over 2.6 million uses.

American Express Launches ‘Pay By Tweet’

American Express has extended its Twitter sync feature to enable customers who have synced their Amex account information with Twitter to also pay for certain products by tweeting purchase hashtags. As you’re probably aware, Amex has had a solid partnership with Twitter since last March, when it initially launched its Twitter sync feature. Now, they’ve gone one step further through the integration of payment. Payments are made by tweeting a purchase hashtag, and retweeting the confirmation tweet from Amex within 15 minutes of receiving it, your purchase is then shipped to the billing address associated with your card. Very nifty! In my opinion, Amex has really embraced social media and has emerged as the payments leader in the space.

Google Hangouts: A Space Oddity

Next week (22nd February) NASA is set to hold the first Google Hangout from space! While there have been numerous video conferences with astronauts on the ISS, next Friday will make the first space Hangout. NASA astronauts Kevin Ford & Tom Marshburn will take question on what it’s like to live in space. Users are encouraged to submit a question by video to YouTube and tag them with #AskAstro. Even though users are encouraged to use YouTube, questions can also be asked via G+ or Twitter, using the same hashtag.


Users Can Now Promote Facebook Friends’ Posts

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A few months ago, Facebook made it possible for us (users) to pay to promote our own posts, pretty vein I know but now we can even do the same for our friends’ posts. If you really want to, you can pay up to £15 to tell all of your friends what we’ve had for lunch and you can now pay the same amount to promote your friend’s post about what they had for lunch, amazing right? The feature is for people with fewer than 5,000 friends or subscribers, and it will be rolling out gradually to all users across the world.

How Red Square Agency Used #ValenVines To Win at Twitter

Did you create a ValenVine for your Valentine? If not, you missed out but no worries – there’s always next year, or HallowVine. Several brands and companies were all over Vine. One company in particular, Red Square Agency, created what felt like a billion Vines in response to followers tweets.

This post was written by Liam Foy

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