This Week In Social: Pinterest Redesign, HMV Employees Take Over Twitter, FoodSpotting Joins OpenTable

By Rob McNair

FoodSpotting Joins The OpenTable Family

OpenTable is acquiring Foodspotting to make booking a table more intimate and social. The company on Tuesday agreed to buy the social media start-up Foodspotting, for $10 million. On Foodspotting, a user can search for a restaurant or a type of dish, and the search results will display user-uploaded pictures of food art from certain restaurants.

Matt Roberts, chief executive of OpenTable, said that when you book a researvation at a restaurant, you may receive a customized email that includes a menu, accompanied with photos of dishes that people recommend eating there. “If you can have a rich menu with images instead of just words and recommendations of dishes you may like, it really just broadens the experience and helps diners get the most of their evening out,” Mr. Roberts said in an interview.

Soraya Darabi, a founder of Foodspotting who is no longer at the company, said the database now has over three million photos of dishes from all around the world, and users are adding a few hundred thousand photos every month. However, some restaurants have now prohibited photography of their dishes as it can be distracting to other diners and chefs.

Pinterest Redesign

On Monday Pinterest announced tests of a new navigation system with bigger images and more related content on to pins to keep you clicking. The current redesign is only being tried with a small group of users that can sign up to join. Here’s a quick look at the changes:

Navigation & Exploration

At the moment, the top of the site has few navation options but still requires users to click a drop-down arrow to see a full of feed categories. The redesign condenses the navigation into a button in the top left and has click to pull option such as ‘Following Feed,” “Popular Pins” and “Every Pin,” as well as all the categories. The new style is definitely much cleaner!

Pins To Keep You Going

At the moment when you open a pin you’ll see an image between two huge white strips. In the redesign Pinterest have surrounded the pin with lots of other content. You’ll see bigger thumbnails of other images pinned to the same board, and now they’re on the right instead of the bottom. The pin view will also show a whole array of related pins, something that will help us discover more images & products we’ll like. Rather than trapping you on one board it’ll allow you to access related links across the site.

Pinterest have tired to take everyone’s feedback into account. Beyond the new design they’ve made some improvement behind the scenes that will make things faster.

HMV Employees Take Over Twitter Account

Yesterday disgruntled staff of HMV took over the Twitter account to express their anger at being fired. Workers at the entertainment store ‘live blogged’ their own sacking on Twitter as the administrators who took over the business confirmed news of 190 firings. As soon as the tweets were posted, the @hmvtweets account deleted the tweets, although it still broadcast to 61,500 followers.

Although the tweets got deleted users instantly screen grabbed the tweets. The incident that lasted 20 minutes before the company removed the tweets, but began trending on Twitter with the hashtag, #HMVXFactorFiring. The user who sent the tweets was a former intern who help responsibility for the account. She tweeted that she hoped it would finally show the management the power of social media. No doubt they’ll be paying attention now! Poppy Rose the intern admitted to the tweets:

This post was written by Rob McNair

Rob has experience advising some of the worlds most iconic brands. He thrives on helping improving social media knowledge within organisations with the ultimate goal of making theirs brands more social, transparent and accountable.