This Week In Social: Twitter to launch music service, MTV launches Instagram voting, Tumblr lays off editorial team behind storyboard, New Foursquare Update

This Week In Social: Twitter to launch music service, MTV launches Instagram voting, Tumblr lays off editorial team behind storyboard, New Foursquare Update

By Liam Foy

Twitter to launch music service

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A mysterious page has appeared at The rumours are that the company acquired We Are Hunted, a music discovery site, a few weeks ago have now been confirmed. now reads ‘While we are shutting down, we will continue to create services that will delight you, as part of the Twitter team.’ currently features a #music hashtag graphic and a log-in button. The log-in is, as of this moment, non-functioning – the sign-in button goes to an authorization page for an app called ‘Trending Music Web’ and then returns to the sign-in page. It is still unclear what exactly ‘Trending Music Web’ entails, but tweets from We Are Hunted’s founder,  Stephen Phillips, link to SoundCloud and Rdio – suggesting these services have something to do with it.


MTV launches Instagram voting

MTV launches Instagram voting

This year’s MTV Movie Awards will for the first time accept votes from Instagram. Fans can vote in the Best Hero category in the run up to the ceremony on April 14th. The category was launched last year and accepted votes from Twitter, but this year Instagram will also be incorporated.

Nominees are Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (#VoteBilbo), Snow White from Snow White and the Huntsman (#VoteSnowWhite), Iron Man (#VoteIronMan), Batman (#VoteBatman), Catwoman (#VoteCatwoman) and Hulk (#VoteHulk). Voters will post any photo using the hashtags will be calculated and shown in a grid as part of


Tumblr lays off editorial team behind storyboard

Tumblr lays off editorial team behind storyboard

After just less than one year, Tumblr have let go of the three person editorial team behind Storyboard. Storyboard was a regular collection of posts that aimed to promote the users and their work on the platform. Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp said in a blog post: “What we’ve accomplished with Storyboard has run its course for now, and our editorial team will be closing up shop and moving on. I want to personally thank them for their great work. And please join us in wishing them well.”

Storyboard was launched in May in line with Tumblr’s aim to find partners who are interested in the creative side of Tumblr, instead of the usual banner ads. Many think this is inline with Tumblr’s new aim to turn an annual profit, the first in it’s six years, after allowing advertisers prominent space on both web and mobile versions of the blogging platform.


New Foursquare Update

Foursquare’s latest iOS update proves its future is in local search, not badges Read more at

Foursquare have released a new version of it’s iOS app that incorporates the history of check-ins since it’s launch in 2009 with search to create a comprehensive searching tool – just like the website changes in October.

Foursquare 6.0, released on Wednesday, is in four parts. The search box is at the top of the screen, and a map of your nearby friends at the bottom. These are followed by real-time personalized recommendations, all with the check-in button at the bottom. The aim appears to be for users to decide where they are next going to go from the actual app, instead of just going there and then checking in.

This post was written by Liam Foy

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