This Week in Social: Twitter #music app goes live, Twitter introduces keyword targeting on timelines, Storify announces Storify Business, Linkedin app redesign

This Week in Social: Twitter #music app goes live, Twitter introduces keyword targeting on timelines, Storify announces Storify Business, Linkedin app redesign

By Liam Foy

Twitter #music app goes live

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Twitter launched it’s long-awaited music service on Thursday. It’s not necessary to have a Twitter account to sign up at or use the app from the Apple App Store – no Android version has been released yet. The app allows you to listen to 60 seconds of a song, the whole thing is only available if you have a premium Spotify account or paid-for Rdio account. The service is split into five sections; popular songs trending on Twitter, new emerging artists and bands, suggestions of who you should be listening to based on who you follow, songs people you follow have tweeted and, finally,  section for the artists you already follow on Twitter. Each page is a grid of artist and song images that play the clips when tapped and a CD animation appears on the left. Not having to leave the app to listen to the songs could be a great advantage to the service. You can also search for users and artists to play a selection of their music and see what bands and artists they follow – which will also be a central feature for user’s to discover new music.


Twitter introduces keyword targeting on timelines


On Wednesday, Twitter announced that they are launching keyword targeting – meaning that the content of a tweet will affect advertising a lot more. Up until now, a promoted tweet has appeared to users in the body of the timeline using a interest graph and the body of a tweet has only been one factor in helping to shape it. Now it will be a main decider, available to full Twitter Ads UI and through the Ads API. Advertisers can now reach users through keywords they have recently engaged with, making outreach more timely and precise. There won’t be any significant changes to what users see, in fact Twitter are hoping this will give users a more relevant and enjoyable experience of the site. Campaigns that target keywords in the timeline are set up similarly to  search.


Storify announces Storify Business


After launching a successful VIP plan for larger organisations, Storify announced yesterday a service launch that will allow all users to share the same benefits. Users will have access to several new features; private stories – stories will be visible with a secure link which will benefit in-house circulating, custom story embeds – stories will now match your blog or branding, and finally enhanced support – with priority position for help from the Storify team. Businesses can upgrade through the user settings page. Obviously, the new service will be of most benefit to those that already use the service for in-house circulation. It also helps with presentations, as screenshots can lose data – it could also benefit agencies when tracking clients’ social media usage. In addition to this, there has also been a redesign of the homepage and dashboard for all users. Storify have also implemented a few tweaks to the service, such as the ability to delete items from the saved section and search Instagram pictures by username or location.


LinkedIn app redesign

LinkedIn have announced they have redesigned their mobile app. In their blog LinkedIn expressed the need for this redesign: “Our mobile audience has greatly evolved over the past year…Today, we’re excited to unveil a brand new mobile phone experience, completely revamped with the general professional and everyday use case in mind.” As well as a complete redesign, they have also included a more visual stream, with commenting and liking available directly in stream, there are also tools that allow you to customise your navigation page, sliding the homepage to the right allows you to see the features you use most on mobile. In addition to this, with 64% of users now located outside of the US, more languages have been added. More advances on LinkedIn for mobile will be released later this year.

This post was written by Liam Foy

As Head of Client Services, Liam ensures that all of his clients’ strategies are on track, delivering ROI and coming up with new ideas to drive them forward. Beer makes him tick, reading, learning and drinking it.