This Week in Social: LinkedIn introduces channels, Pinterest localises, smartphone users pay for one in 10 apps and Facebook predicted to introduce video ads

This Week in Social: LinkedIn introduces channels, Pinterest localises, smartphone users pay for one in 10 apps and Facebook predicted to introduce video ads

By Danielle Wynne

Facebook predicted to introduce video ads

2899308883It has been rumoured that by Summer Facebook users will start seeing video adverts in their news feeds. The ads will be up to 15 seconds long and when users open their feeds for the first time each day a video will start automatically but, thankfully, without audio.

This could be inline with growing budgets for advertising on, for example, YouTube. The only difference being that Facebook could have the means to show far more targeted adverts than other social platforms.

Nothing has been confirmed but insiders have suggested that the videos will be rolled out very slowly so users won’t get put off the site – and ads will be limited to one per user per day.


Linkedin introduces channels

LinkedIn have been rolling out a lot of updates recently and on Wednesday they announced one more: channels. Users will start to see an updated view of LinkedIn Today that uses channels, making it easier to follow broader news topics that cross over various industries. There will be up to 20 channels to follow, including Higher Education, Social Impact and Economy, with more channels to be added over time. When users follow a channel updates from that channel will feed directly into user’s homepages. All updates will be timely and relevant, with the aim to help professionals stay one step ahead and know what is trending in their sector.

Other features include:

  • A new streamlined design
  • A customised LinkedIn Today page featuring: ‘Your News’ with the latest from the channels you follow, an overview of influencer posts, a list of over 250 influencers sorted alphabetically and by number of followers and a section for new channels.
  • More relevant emails that will include an overview of top influencer posts, trending news and SlideShare content.
  • Updates will start rolling out to all English-speaking members this week.


Pinterest set to localise the global service

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 13.44.47

On Thursday Pinterest began it’s initiative to make Pinterest more attractive to users all over the world with a global localization strategy.

Users in the UK will be the first to benefit from the updates to the service. Pinterest was launched in the US in 2010 and has become increasingly popular with UK users. The Pinterest team have recognised this and are introducing a British English language setting and more UK based content available in search results.

To coincide with this Pinterest have also launched ‘Pin It Forward’, tracked using the hashtag pinitforwardUK. 300 UK based bloggers will share their inspiration boards and stories which describe how Pinterest helps them pursue their passions.Further localisations are to be rolled out over time, with France looking to be the next target.


Smartphone users pay for one in 10 apps

iPhone-5-vs-Galaxy-S3-angle-side-by-side has carried out new research into the smartphone economy and surveyed 1,700 people. The study found that users pay for just one in ten of their apps and download an average of just 29 apps overall.

This means that the average user spends £8.94 on apps. Out of these apps, only 41% of them are used regularly.

The 55-64 age bracket are the most reluctant when it comes to downloading apps in general, with an average of 23 downloads each. Whereas the 18 – 24 age bracket are the most indulgent with their downloads with an average of 37 apps each, but only 37% of these are used regularly.


This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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