This Week in Social: LinkedIn introduces digital content, Instagram Introduces tagging, Coke’s first digital-only campaign, mobile messaging overtakes SMS and Twitter updates apps

This Week in Social: LinkedIn introduces digital content, Instagram Introduces tagging, Coke’s first digital-only campaign, mobile messaging overtakes SMS and Twitter updates apps

By Danielle Wynne

LinkedIn introduces visual content

On Wednesday, the LinkedIn blog announced that users would now be able to personalise their profiles with rich content. Videos, photos and even presentations can now be uploaded to the professional network to illustrate user’s achievements. This looks like it would give more of an ‘online portfolio’ aspect to the site, which essentially would be a massive plus when it comes to job hunting and recruitment. A more effective showcase of achievements will surely lead to better opportunities.

To edit a LinkedIn profile, simply go to ‘Edit’ then follow the prompts to upload content to the Summary, Experience and Education sections. The changes began rolling out to English speaking countries on Wednesday with promises of ‘more to come’.


Coke’s first digital-only campaign 


Coke, known for their impressive TV campaigns, are taking an unusual step. Their new campaign, ‘The Ahh Effect’, will see Coke putting their efforts entirely into digital reach – with smart phones as a specific target.

The brand has bought up to 17 URLs containing varying versions of ‘ahh’ for example, and The umbrella site,, allows users to scroll through all of the sites that feature multiple games, GIFs and videos.

The campaign intends to target a new teenage market by using multiple games that can be played in small chunks, from a few seconds to a few minutes, instead of one main game or message. The big thing here is that all content is optimised for mobile, mainly iOS and Android, to further appeal to a younger market.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 13.54.06

Content will come from creative communities and even crowd sourced from the users themselves. The features will be added and removed through trial and error, depending on popularity.

All the features are very colourful, cartoon-like and feature a lot of cats…


Mobile messaging takes over SMS for the first time 

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 14.10.15

In places such as US and UK, where smartphone usage is particularly high, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat and WeChat have overtaken the more traditional messaging services such as text messaging for the first time.

Informa compiled information for the Financial Times and found that 19bn messages were sent from chat apps every day in 2012, in comparison to 17.6bn texts. Mobile messaging is expected to keep growing to 41bn per day this year.

Figures from Ovum show that mobile operators are falling behind, losing more than $23bn USD in text revenue last year. In an attempt to remedy these losses many are now offering their own messaging tools or signing deals with new messaging services, but is text messaging slowly fading out forever?


Twitter updates apps


On Wednesday Twitter updated Android and iOS apps, which can be downloaded now from the Apple App store and Google Play.

The site recently expanded the locations that trends cover to more than 160 countries and cities; this has now been brought over to apps and mobile users can see what is popular in local areas.

Twitter for iOS now allows users to invite friends from the app and has improved video playback for Vine. Also, most importantly for users tweeting original material, replies to retweets been changed. They now include the original author as well as the user that retweeted.

As for Android, users now have a quicker access to account switching and settings via their menu…any guesses for which platform Twitter is most interested in?


 Instagram introduces new tagging feature

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 09.51.25

Instagram has added a tool that allows tagging fellow users in pictures. The feature is called ‘Photos of You’ and works a lot like Facebook’s photo tagging system.  Clicking on an image allows users to type the names of people they follow and drag them onto photos to tag them. There is even a feature that only allows tags once they are approved. There is a key difference to Facebook however; only the user can tag their own photos, which will stop spam tagging from unknown followers.

This could be key to brands, whereas before Instagram campaigns have relied largely on hashtags and user mentions, users can now be asked to tag photos that are part of campaigns. The tagged feed could create more interaction between brand followers as all of the submissions for a campaign will be in one place.

Tagged images will appear within the ‘Photos of You’ section on profile pages, which will be available on May 16th – tagging is available to users now.

This post was written by Danielle Wynne

As one of myclever™ Agency's Content Managers, Danielle's role is key to helping ensure client's communities, content and blogs thrive.