This Week In Social: Google music service, Foursquare menus, Google+ update, Yahoo/Tumblr rumour

This Week In Social: Google music service, Foursquare menus, Google+ update, Yahoo/Tumblr rumour

By Danielle Wynne

Google announce music service

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Google launched a new music streaming service on Wednesday. The service poses a threat to other providers such as Spotify.

Google Play Music All Access was unveiled at Google I/O, the company’s annual tech developer conference.

Users will be able to stream from a library on any device using the Android Operating System. Google has signed deals with Sony, Universal and Warner, to name but a few, so millions of songs will be available. As of now the service is priced at $9.99 a month, discounted to $7.99 if users in the US sign up before June 30. No announcements have been made about pricing in other countries.


Foursquare adds more menus

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Foursquare has added more menus to the mobile app with the help of Locu, the same company that powers menus on Yelp.

Businesses can update their menus and they will be loaded to Foursquare in real time. More opening hours, phone numbers and addresses are also looking to be added in an effort to make the service as up to date as possible. The partnership is also looking at expanding Foursquare to include the price listings for salons and hairdressers. This means that users could start to use Foursquare to compare businesses for their needs without having to visit each website individually.


Google+ gets updated


Google + received a massive update on Wednesday, with 41 new features being added. There are obviously more updates than can be explained individually, but one of the main features is an update to the user interface. Feeds are now separated into columns that can be altered according to screen size (basically, if you have a large screen you can put more columns in what is usually white space.) Video and image media can also fill the entire column and several tools have been animated to make them more attractive to use. Posts have also been updated, Google can now automatically add hashtags to a post by reading through the content and scanning the images. This will allow users to see posts surrounding the same topic – and of course there is the option to turn this feature off.

Google hangouts have also been made more interactive, the feature has been made into a standalone version and combines text, picture and live video that can be used across Android and iOS as well as computers. The app is available from Google Play, the App Store and the Chrome Web Store.

Yahoo rumoured to be in talks with Tumblr


Rumours have started circulating, first reported by All Things D, that the ‘aging’ Yahoo is in talks with New York based Tumblr. The blogging platform claims it has 107.8 million blogs and 50.6 billion posts. These talks could be in line with the Yahoo’s need to secure that important 18 to 24-year-old age bracket to refresh their image. Tumblr has just started deals with new advertisers, featuring brand’s blogs in user’s dashboards, and is predicted to generate anything up to $100 million this year. Strategic partnership and investments could be the next step.


Baking company’s Facebook page goes viral

Amy’s Baking Company was recently featured on the American version of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. The programme didn’t show owners, Amy and Samy, in a very positive light. After the episode aired Reddit and Yelp users let their feelings be known, and they weren’t that positive to say the least. Threads were taken down after claims they had turned into a ‘witch hunt’ – so the comments started coming in on the Amy’s Baking Company’s Facebook page instead. Posts, seemingly from the company themselves, started rolling out on Tuesday, with claims that the couple that run the bakery, Amy and Samy, will ‘take a stand’ against the negative comments about their business. But the posts became increasingly hostile, swearing at the Reddit, Yelp and Facebook users and telling them to ‘bring it on’. The long stream of rants were then deleted and this post appeared:

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Over 26,000 replies have been posted since Tuesday.

Since then the Facebook page has announced a ‘re-opening’, with the promise for some proceeds to go to a charity for cyber bullying…

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This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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