This Week In Social: Yahoo buys Tumblr, Twitter cards, Pinterest pins, Facebook video

This Week In Social: Yahoo buys Tumblr, Twitter cards, Pinterest pins, Facebook video

By Danielle Wynne

Yahoo buys Tumblr for $1.1 billion

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The predictions and rumours circulating last week have turned out to be correct and now ailing Yahoo has acquired Tumblr for a hefty $1.1 million. The main reason for this new development has been confirmed to be Yahoo’s desire to reach the coveted teenage demographic. Tumblr has a huge user base, users can create and upload their own creative content, instead of the slightly more passive social sites like Facebook.

Yahoo hopes that by buying out the high-user, low-revenue platform they will ensure users will stay on Yahoo owned properties for longer. They have stated that as part of the agreement they were not allowed to make the website more corporate or irrelevant to the audience. Users have been assured that the blogging platform will stay at the New York base and ran as a separate business – which has done nothing to quell the fission of unease the Tumblr community has expressed over the past week. The merger is expected to increase Yahoo’s audience by 50%.


Twitter adds Lead Generation Cards

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On Wednesday, Twitter unveiled another update to cards – a button that allows users to register their interest for offers and discounts from brands with one click.

When a tweet containing an offer is expanded the user can see a description of the offer and opt in for it, simultaneously sending their name, Twitter handle and email address to the brand in question from the users pre-loaded account information.

This will save users time and effort, instead of filling out a form everything will be sent securely for them in one click – this may make users more inclined to claim an offer if they don’t have to fill out the tedious information usually required by brands. In turn, brands could see more potential customers

Cards are being tested with Twitter’s managed brands and will look at rolling out globally soon.

Pinterest improves pins

Pinterest have introduced yet more improvements to pins, hoping to make them more useful and easy to use on different devices.

The social platform has been working with several popular websites with Pinterest boards to allow users to see more information within pins so they don’t need to click through multiple websites to gather information they need.

On pins relating to products user will now be able to see pricing, availability and where to buy it. On recipe pins cook time, ingredients and servings will be shown in the pin itself and movie pins will feature content rating, cast members and other key information.

These more informative pins can be identified by a icon below the picture. All old pins surrounding these topics will be updated, with the aim to update all pins with this feature over time. You can only see the new pins as part of the new look – just click ‘Get it now’ on the top of the home feed.

They are also including a Pin It button for mobile apps so no matter where users are, they can select and save the information they want.

Facebook video sharing

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When Twitter-owned video sharing service Vine launched in January, to great success, Facebook blocked the feature from allowing users to ‘find friends’ on their site. There are now hints that the social network is testing their own video sharing service. It has been suggested that users will be able to upload between 5 and 10 second clips to Instagram, which Facebook acquired last September. There are speculations as to whether the feature will allow Instagram’s popular filter options.


Flickr updates



Yahoo recently updated another of their acquisitions this week – Flickr got a revamp. Larger images are now available, users can upload full-resolution photos and have 1TB of free storage. They have also updated the app for Android and tablets, after recently giving their iOS app an update. This is inline, once again, with Yahoo’s aim to attract a younger audience. The photos sharing service is also trying to keep up with the success of Instagram which overshadowed the platform when users started taking a lot of images on mobile.

However, the site has received some backlash after these updates earlier in the week – the site became completely unresponsive Friday morning . Many users saw the new #badpanda image or the site was simply down. This could be due to the extra high-res images flooding in – or a resurgence in users after the updates.

Twitter premieres TV advertising


Twitter has apparently honed in on audience’s more active participation when watching TV and the trend of ‘second screening’. Video advertising is now available in Tweets. 64% of users tweet when in front of the TV so the option of adding video in tweets is hoping to extend the reach of TV ad campaigns. The feature was made available in beta for promoted tweets yesterday to a select group of companies in the US with national television campaigns.

Synchronized TV and twitter targeting will create a more engaging experience for followers and allows a brand’s message to become stronger with enhanced campaigns across two platforms.

To help run this, Twitter has given advertisers a new dashboard that allows them to see when their TV adverts have been broadcast. Along with this, it will track when users tweeted about the advert in conjunction with it being aired. This will give advertisers a helping hand when deciding how to create a successful promoted tweet and how to best build on their campaigns.

This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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