VW Uses YouTube ‘Preview Effect’ To Launch Feature

By Rob McNair

A new ad created by VW (agency: AlmapBBDO) uses YouTube in another clever concept. In the film a man asks the viewers to click with their mouse pointer at a later point in the video, which then activates the ‘preview’ feature that shows what happens next.

With the help of the viewer, a falling man luckily escapes promoting the Volkswagen Side Assist feature. This new feature works by showing other vehicles when they are in the side mirror’s blind spot. The video below is an English translation if you’re wondering about the lip sync issues!

This isn’t the first time VW (Brazil) have used YouTube to create a big impact campaign with an innovative campaign. They previously introduced ‘Automatic skip YouTube Ad‘, which you can read about in a previous blog.


This post was written by Rob McNair

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