This Week In Social: Facebook hashtags, Twitter Analytics, Twitter retires AP1 v1, Foursquare time machine, Twitter #FollowMe

This Week In Social: Facebook hashtags, Twitter Analytics, Twitter retires AP1 v1, Foursquare time machine, Twitter #FollowMe

By Danielle Wynne

Facebook introduces hashtags


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In an attempt to bring conversations about real time events to the forefront of the platform, Facebook have decided to introduce hashtags to their platform. As of yesterday, hashtags have become relevant and clickable on Facebook. When users click on a hashtag it will direct to a feed of posts about to the topic that other users and pages are posting. Users can also search for hashtags, click on hashtags used by other services such as Instagram and create posts directly from the hashtag feed. Facebook have said that they intend to roll out more updates regarding hashtags, including trends and insights.

Meanwhile, you can read what we think hashtags will mean for brands here 😉


Twitter gives users access to analytics

Twitter Analytics

Access to Twitter’s various tools for analytics has quietly been rolled out to users. Everyone now has the ability to gather data about their followers and most recent tweets. Several users noticed the development earlier this week.

Users can now go to their Twitter Ads dashboard and go to ‘analytics’ to access the information. The feature builds a graph that shows users mentions, follows, and unfollows over the past month. It also lists the user’s most recent tweets, detailing the number of times it has been tweeted, replied to or favourited. You can also see the number of times someone has clicked on a link within a tweet, so it is easy to see how many referrals you’re getting from the site.

The best part is that it is incredibly easy to use so humble bloggers and marketing managers alike can use it.


Twitter retires AP1 v1

Yesterday Twitter put API v1 to bed in order to fully transition to API v1.1 – meaning that many Twitter apps will be no more – including TweetDeck for AIE, iOS and Android.

Twitter have decided to restrict the access to their API – the very thing that allowed third party developers to create tools that enhanced user experiences and helped make the platform so successful in the first place. The Twitter team wants to gain more control over the platform’s development.

The original transition was planned for May 7th but got pushed back to ensure the move would be a problem-free as possible.

If developers still have not updated their apps then they can still do so, all the information is available on Twitter’s developers’ blog.


Foursquare introduces Time Machine

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Foursquare have introduced a new way to visualize check-in history. Time Machine allows users to see every check in and gives recommendations on where to go to next. It also a quite nice looking, which is a plus because those all-important infographics always need sharing.

Twitter launches #FollowMe

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Twitter has launched another new tool this week. #FollowMe gives users the opportunity to browse through new followers’ timelines in one video clip, the main aim being to see if they are worth the follow back. The tool uses Vizify, a plug-in that creates interactive infographics, to build a HTML 5-based video to show highlights from a fellow users’ tweets, followers, photos and Vine videos. It is automatically created but users can edit what highlights are actually featured.

This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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