This Week In Social: Facebook mobile hashtags, LinkedIn personalised profiles, Twitter geo-targeting & events filter, Vine updates Android and the end of Facebook phone?

This Week In Social: Facebook mobile hashtags, LinkedIn personalised profiles, Twitter geo-targeting & events filter, Vine updates Android and the end of Facebook phone?

By Danielle Wynne

Facebook launches mobile hashtag support



Facebook have made hashtag support for mobile as of Thursday. Some think it was a strange that a company who prides themselves on being mobile didn’t incorporate this aspect from the launch earlier in the month, but this way the platform can see how users utilise this new feature and roll out other aspects slowly. They have also launched related hashtags – now when you click or search for a hashtag the results page will also show other hashtags commonly posted at the same time.

LinkedIn personalises profiles

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LinkedIn have further advanced their strategy to become a key tool for professionals – aiming to make them more productive and successful – by adding two new features.  The ‘Who’s Viewed Your Updates’ and ‘You Recently Visited’ features will now be at the right of the homepage and aim to increase user engagement across the social platform. ‘Who’s Viewed Your Updates’ gives an overview of what a user has shared over a 2-week period, who has seen it and who has liked and shared it. This includes not only 1st degree connections, but also second and third connections. LinkedIn is aiming to help develop more connections as users see how their posts are received. ‘You Recently Visited’ includes highlights of the profiles users have recently viewed, searches carried out and group discussions users have engaged with. The aim is to make it easier to re-engage in conversation or follow up on interactions. The LinkedIn blog announcement also hinted at even more updates on the horizon.

Twitter developing geo-targeting ads and Live Events Filter



Twitter is planning to let Brands show promoted tweets when users open the app within vicinity of their stores. Ads will be targeted to people who are at certain latitude and longitudes and could be ready as early as the end of the year. These would be useful to brands wanting to entice customers with an offer, new product availability or just to simply tip off users that they’re in the area – so it would particularly benefit chain stores.

Whilst this news has come from unnamed sources, Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo has hinted that the platform are working on a ‘DVR Mode’ live event filter which will offer the ability to pull highlights so fans can “follow along with Twitter in a DVR mode”. This will give the ability to track and monitor moments within an event, which will benefit both those following live and catching up after the event. The assumption is that aspects like graphs monitoring spikes in conversation and what time they happened will become available with this development.

Vine develops front camera support for Android

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After launching on Android at the beginning of the month, there was one complaint with users – there was no support for front-facing cameras. But, just five days after the last update Vine have introduced front camera support. There is now also a new upload manager, speed improvements in general and improvements to settings.

The end of Facebook Phone?

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 10.36.34

After whisperings that AT&T will stop selling the Facebook phone were denied, it appears that they actually have cleared their stock of the HTC First handsets and have not purchased any more. There have also been no rumours about any partnerships with Apple any time soon, after Mark Zuckerberg admitted that for Facebook Home to work, there would have to be iOS involvement. Even Facebook have begun to advertise that the front end can be turned off…


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