This Week In Social: Klout for businesses, Tweetdeck updates, Channel 4 app, Apple music streaming, Mashable Vine record

This Week In Social: Klout for businesses, Tweetdeck updates, Channel 4 app, Apple music streaming, Mashable Vine record

By Danielle Wynne

Klout introduces business insights

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Influence analysers Klout have announced that next week ‘Klout for Business’ will be available. This upgrade will allow users to view their statistics across networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Brands will be able to track and measure their influence across their social networks and discover their ‘moments’ with their fans and followers to find what topics they engage the most with.

Any brands currently holding a Klout account will automatically be upgraded to Klout for business – and any businesses wanting to stay as a personal account can do so by choosing ‘I am an individual influencer’ from their profile settings page.

Twitter updates Tweetdeck

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Twitter started rolling out web and Chrome updates of Tweetdeck on Wednesday. They have introduced a sidebar on the left of the screen that makes it quicker to browse through feeds and search. Down this bar are a number of icons for each function. These can be expanded to full descriptions when prompted, Tweets are also created at the left instead of the traditional position at the top of the screen; this means that more space can be given to the actual streams.

As well as this, search now provides a list of suggested terms. The sidebar can also rearrange column order when dragged up or down the list and this changes what users see in the main screen.


Channel 4 set to release a ‘second screen’ app

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Channel 4 has confirmed they are releasing an app that will take advantage of the ‘second screen’ phenomenon. The app is being referred to as ‘4Now’ but users will be given the chance to change this name when it goes live. The app will feature votes, quizzes and games all in real time. There will also be opportunities for brands to advertise in sync with the broadcasted breaks. It also gives audiences more information about the shows and integrates with Twitter to encourage usage in line with the way social media is already used when audiences are watching TV.

The app will be launched on iOS in beta in July and available to the broadcaster’s registered viewers, which includes 1 in 3 of all 15-24 year olds in the UK.  This will take previous ventures Channel 4 have taken in second screening, including the playalong app of Million Pound Drop, to the next level.

 Apple is planning a music streaming service



Apple is planning to take on Pandora and Spotify in the music-streaming arena, sources have told Reuters. The service has been planned for around a year, big advertisers have already been contacted and now Apple are planning to sell more advertising on their own music-streaming service. Already dubbed ‘iRadio’ by the media, the service is said to mimic Pandora in terms of audio and banner ads throughout, including mobile.

‘iRadio’ is said to launch this year and Apple is plunging in at the deep end at a time when licensing for such services has increased so much it has forced both Pandora and Spotify to put a cap on free listening, particularly on mobile.

They have also been beaten to the punch by Google, who announced their intentions to launch their own music streaming service, ‘Google Play Music All Access’, last month.

Mashable challenges community to set Vine record

The Mashable community have shown a great affection for Vine with previous challenges the team have set and so they have decided to use the video sharing app for good.

The digital news site have asked fans to create a Vine that shows awareness for the fight against AIDS across the globe to set the record for the most Vine posts created for a single cause. The team have teamed up with AIDS charity (RED) to set this record and to get involved simply post a Vine with the hashtag #REDworldrecord. The posts can be as simple or complex and professional as possible – whether it be shooting stop motion with a red theme or filming someone saying a message of support.

The attempt will begin at 9am E.T. on Wednesday June 5th.


This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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