Honda launch Vine campaign

Honda launch Vine campaign

By Danielle Wynne

Honda launched a new campaign this week, #WantNewCar encourages Honda Twitter followers to tweet reasons why they need a new car. Honda, working with agency RPA, replies with a personalised Vine demonstrating reasons why the follower needs a Honda from their summer clearance sale.

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This campaign successfully taps into both the success of Vine and the impressiveness of real-time marketing. The campaign is an extension of  their TV adverts and makes sense because social media is generally where the public goes when they need to complain about things such as their cars.

Honda can expect high engagement because it is very easy for their followers to get involved and minimal effort on their part, whereas Honda will need a lot of spare time to make this campaign successful – but maybe thats the price to pay for a campaign with the very minimal cost.  #WantNewCar could go viral, it had the advantage of a comedy factor and a lot of people are picking up on it already – there has been a lot of positive attention on Vine itself- with several people re-vining and some mention of ‘brand loyalty’ in comments.

The only down side to this campaign is that it will be difficult to organise. Ensuring engagement keeps the brand voice and simultaneously making Vines quickly would be hard to vet. There is also the issue that some of the Vine videos don’t really make sense just on the Vine platform because they are out of context of the Tweets. But this may not be an issue considering Twitter and Vine are so connected.

Honda have caused waves in social media before with campaigns such as #Pintermission, in which they paid five key influencers $500 to not pin for 24 hours. The campaign targeted young adults, the target audience of the  Honda CR-V and aimed to encourage young people to go outside and live, the $500 reward was to put towards paying for the influencers dream pin. The influencers created boards on the Honda Pinterest account and gained 5,000 repins and 2,000 likes.

It will be interesting to see the results of the Vine campaign in comparison to Honda’s previous highly targeted campaigns, but Honda are still sticking to the basics of what works – the main aim is not to sell products, but create conversation.

MCA’s campaign rating: 4/5

This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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