Road Safety Scotland introduces Kids in the Car campaign

Road Safety Scotland introduces Kids in the Car campaign

By Danielle Wynne

Road Safety Scotland has been working with The Scottish Government to create a driving awareness campaign. ‘Kids in the Car’ taps into the popularity of gimmicks such as ‘Kids Say the Funniest Things’ and asks kids to draw pictures of their parents driving and what they think makes a good or bad driver. Families can win a £200 ASDA gift card if they submit their child’s drawings. The amusing pictures of dads with red faces also draws on a scare tactic – kids pick up lot more than people think and this could have a negative affect on them as a driver in the future. Passing bad habits onto children is something a lot of parents fear and so this campaign plays on the fact that children mimic their parent’s and guardian’s behaviour. The campaign is also set to be supported by Arnold Clark, VisitScotland, Bauer Media, Education Scotland and Asda.

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It may have been more affective to include teenagers, who are more likely to replicate the behavior they see in a smaller timeframe – the amusement factor is from the sheer bluntness children have. There is also an anonymous questionnaire that allows you to find out if you’re a good driver, but with broad questions such as ‘have you ever driven too fast?’ it could be a pointless feature. The campaign is promoted across TV, social media channels and a microsite hosting the TV campaign, the pictures and advise for parents. All aspects are branded with typically childish elements including crayons and a ‘art attack’ style gallery of the pictures. Although ‘Kid’s In The Car’ will be quite niche as it is targeting only Scotland it could have the ability to go viral due to the comedy value. It would have more impact if the Road Safety Scotland social channels weren’t relatively new – the Twitter account was only created in March and although the Facebook page has been going for longer it has only started being updated regularly over the past few months.


MCA’s campaign rating – 2.5/5


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