This Week’s Clever Campaigns: CBS Outdoor UK, British Airways, Grolsch, Carling and Nissan

This Week’s Clever Campaigns: CBS Outdoor UK, British Airways, Grolsch, Carling and Nissan

By Danielle Wynne

 CBS Outdoor UK – 150 Brands

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To celebrate 150 years of advertising on the London Underground, CBS Outdoor UK have created the ‘150 Brands’ campaign that allows users to guess the brand by their straplines and close ups of their products. Every 50 correct answers puts users into a draw to win free travel for a year, 6 months or a month. The site encourages users to ask fellow Twitter and Facebook users to help them if their guesses are off or completely wrong, or use #150brands to swap tips. The website also has a panel that features any Tweets using the hashtag or @mentioning the CBS Outdoor handle. Already there are people singing the competition’s praises on Twitter, so featuring these on the site will look impressive to new users.

British Airways – Picture Your Holiday

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British Airways have come up with a campaign, Picture Your Holiday, which allows users to create their own ideal holiday using snaphots that would make up their dream holiday. The site echoes Pinterest – users drag and drop to create a ‘mood board’ to best represent their perfect holiday, but British Airways takes this one step further and then finds holiday destinations that best match the ideas on the ‘board’. You can then click on each destination image to either find out more, start planning – which takes users to the British Airways website – or share on social media channels, I suppose as a friendly hint to your nearest and dearest. Like Pinterest, the site is very visually appealing, which implies ‘picturesque holidays’. British Airways worked with BBH London and their mobile agency, Monterosa to create the site. The campaign also extends offline to touch-screen LCDs created by Grand Visual, in association with Kinetic Fuel, at Westfield London from 29 July. Passers-by will be invited to collaborate to create perfect holidays and then instructed to make their own personal ones at home.

Grolsch – Swingtop Challenge

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Grolsch are going to London, Bristol and Brighton for their biggest campaign this year. They are taking a walk-in game cube to sites throughout August to allow fans to try the ‘swingtop challenge’. Users enter the game cube and try to open as many virtual Grolsch swingtop bottles as they can in 60 seconds. There are a number of prizes available, including a trip to Amsterdam for two people.

Gamers register at the event and get a branded wristband which links to their personal Facebook page. They then ‘tap’ the game cube to link the game to their Facebook account and once finished they tap again to share their score with their Facebook friends. There will be a leader board and a prize draws board at each event on digital screens. The campaign has been put together by LIFE Experience, the new experiential division of marketing agency LIFE.

Carling  – furthers ‘It’s good, but it’s not quite Carling’

It’s been hard, basically impossible, the ignore all the Royal Baby themed adverts this week. Carling used the event to launch their first video in a campaign that is an extension of the ‘It’s good, but it’s not quite Carling’ catchphrase, the new adverts will focus on solely on current affairs and will feature a new duo of Dylan and John.

Nissan – The Wedding

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Nissan have developed an online campaign that uses your Facebook information to tailor an advert for the new Nissan Note. The Wedding uses your information in a video of a virtual getaway drive from a wedding with either a bride or groom – which one you get depends on how much information you have given Facebook I assume. Certain features of the car are highlighted as you ‘drive’ and throughout your drive you are accompanied by a very annoying bride/groom. Mine told me I was ‘a good driver for a girl’. They then steal your phone to scroll through, alarmingly, your own photos and then, even more alarmingly, puts themselves in a relationship with you…

Users are then told they can get rid of the increasingly harassing bride or groom by ‘introducing’ them to one of your friends – showing you a list of your Facebook contacts. It’s a good campaign because you are completely taken aback with how they incorporate information about yourself in ways you’re not expecting.

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This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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