This Week’s Clever Campaigns: Douwe Egberts, Vodaphone Netherlands, Watch Dogs and Honda

This Week’s Clever Campaigns: Douwe Egberts, Vodaphone Netherlands, Watch Dogs and Honda

By Danielle Wynne

Douwe Egberts – Bye Bye Red Eye

Coffee company Douwe Egberts recently conducted a campaign that rewards tired travellers with free cups of coffee. Douwe Egberts installed a coffee machine with face recognition technology in O.R International Airport in South Africa. Bye Bye Red Eye rewarded travellers with a free cup of coffee if they yawned in front of the machine. 210 cups of free coffee were served in hopes to demonstrate the fact that when customers try Douwe Egberts, they switch to it. It gives a nice twist to the usual free samples seen a billion times over and could have a chance at going viral – mainly because the video shows a lot of shocked and excited people with their coffee:

Vodaphone Netherlands – #Hashtag Holidays

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Vodaphone Netherlands has created a campaign that gives away free holidays depending on hashtag trends in their latest campaign. Users can choose a hashtag on the #Hashtag Holidays site and are recommended a holiday destination depending on how strong it is currently trending there. Every Thursday there will be a competition to win a trip to a chosen destination – users just have to check-in to their favourite place on the site to win.The design makes it easy to browse and has an almost Instagram feel to it. The aim of the campaign is to promote their ‘All in One’ mobile package that allows users to use their mobiles internationally for €2 a day.

Watch Dogs – We Are Data

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Created by Urbisoft, We Are Data collates publically available real-time information about London, Berlin and Paris to a 3D map and allows you to, basically, have a nosy at what is going on. You can see the location of CCTV cameras and social media activity of people in the area. A lot of statistics about each city are also available, including average salary and unemployment rates. The design is quite key to the whole site and makes the experience a lot more enjoyable, as well as fitting well with the brand message. An app is also available on the App Store and Google Play.

Honda – #WantNewCar

Honda launched a new campaign this week, #WantNewCar encourages Honda Twitter followers to tweet reasons why they need a new car. Honda, working with agency RPA, replies with a personalised Vine demonstrating reasons why the follower needs a Honda from their summer clearance sale.

This campaign successfully taps into both the success of Vine and the impressiveness of real-time marketing. The campaign is an extension of their TV adverts and makes sense because social media is generally where the public goes when they need to complain about things such as their cars.

Read more about the #WantNew Car campaign.

This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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