How To Create Perfect Posts: Version 2 [Infographic]

How To Create Perfect Posts: Version 2 [Infographic]

By Danielle Wynne

[Version 6 of our Perfect Posts series is out now! Find the latest update HERE!]

Social media works at a fast pace, Vine has only been around for 8 months yet it’s taking on the big social networks and is now used as a key aspect of many campaigns. If you read our last Perfect Post infographic then here’s a recap – but we’ve now included how to best use Instagram and Vine to your advantage.

If you’re new here, well, we can’t wave a magic wand and give you top-notch engagement across all your social platforms – we’re old fashioned and believe you have to work at it – but we’ve tried to make it easier for you. Here is what you can do to create ‘perfect social media posts’:






Keep Things Positive:
Positivity breeds engagement and sharing. It will help inspire and excite your users.

Pin Posts:
Pin your most recent/most relevant post to the top of the page to encourage engagement when fans first hit the page.

Provide a Link:
If you’re going to provide a link, make sure you it so you can track how many people are clicking through from Facebook.

Mobile Friendly:
Use simple imagery that will be easily seen on mobile devices as 80-85% of your fans will see posts on their phone.
Be Available:
Post when the audience is listening not just when your business is open.
This will ensure more engagement from users.

Engage with users:
Posts don’t just grab attention, comments and responses do. Engage with people and build relationships through conversational dialogue.

Include images:
Posts with images get the highest amount of engagement on Facebook, so make sure to include one when you can… perfect size 800×600.

Provide information:
The most appealing updates don’t disclose everything upfront, this makes users click to find out more…


Tag Brands and People:
Tag Brands and people, when applicable, they’ll get a notification and potentially engage with that post.

Trending Topics:
Get involved with the ‘hot topics’ to show your brand is keeping up with real-time events. This will also increase your brand’s visibility.

Utilise Hashtags:
Increase your page’s reach by adding relevant hashtags to your post i.e. #infographic. Remember G+ will automatically add a hashtag for key/trending topics.

Use Images:
Using full sized images (800×600 px) will make your posts stand out on the page compared to tiny images and link thumbnails.

Find Communities:
Find relevant communities to engage with and contribute in. You’ll see an increase in engagement as you all have one thing in common…that community topic.

Interact with Commenters:
Google+ doesn’t have the most active users/brand fans, so when you get comments make sure you extend those conversations.


Use other apps, such as Instafit and InstaCollage, to enhance your photos. Once you’re used to editing your feed will have a consistent look and feel.

Use relevant photo captions to grab the attention of people and include questions to drive comments.

@mention people who have commented to drive two-way conversations. Keep the comments to a conversational level, rather than pushing sales.

Rule of Thirds:
Putting the subject of the photo in only two thirds of the screen makes it more attractive to the eye.

Instagram videos must be 15 seconds long, so make sure the message you’re conveying is concise! Make sure you choose a compelling cover image from the video to encourage views.

Use Hashtags:
There’s always some random hashtags that come round once a week or so, so maybe be aware of them if you want loads of engagement.


No Human Faces:
Images with no human faces get shared 23% more often than those with human faces.

Multiple colours:
Images with dominant colours (red, dark green, pink) get 3x the amount of likes and repins.

Light and Colour:
Images with 50% colour saturation get repined 4x more often than those with 100% and 10x more than black and white images.

Little Background:
Use a compelling background that doesn’t take up more than 40% of your image, otherwise you’ll see repins decrease by 50%.

Lots Of Red:
Red or orange images get 2x the amount of repins.

Portrait style:
Vertically orientated images perform better than horizontally orientated images. The perfect ratios are 2:3 and 4:5.


Pin tweets:
Pin your most recent or most relevant tweet to the top of your page to encourage engagement.

Call To Action:
Give a clear CTA so your readers know what you want them to do.

Don’t sacrifice grammar just because you’ve got 140 characters. Avoid abbreviations and all caps.

Shorten URLs: links generate the most retweets, so shorten all your URLs.

Use questions, facts and figures to engage viewers and drive retweets.

Use mentions to prompt influencers to engage with you and then respond.

Retweet relevant content for your audience, don’t forget to leave 20 characters so users can add their input.

Add an image:
Adding an image or video will make your post more engaging.


Be aware of popular hashtags such as loop and how-to to gain the most engagement, new users normally start at the hashtags.

Infinite Loop:
Master the infinite loop (a video that’ll seamlessly loop forever). To achieve this, your final scene needs to flow back into your original scene.
Be Wise:
Don’t rush creating your Vines! Even though you’ve only got 6 secs to play with take your time and execute professionally, don’t try and cram too much in. Remember you can’t edit clips!

Find Your Style:
People who’ve stood out on Vine are the ones who have their own style and nailed it. Think about what you love the most and portray it in 6 seconds.

Be Still:
Buy a tripod. A Vine video with a shaky camera can be annoying and you’ll lose the affect you’re going for.

Background Noise:
Possibly the hardest element to control but try to keep a steady hand and minimalise the noise of where you’re shooting.

Re-vine other user’s Vines that your audience will enjoy to create affinity between the brand and influencers.

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