John Lewis launches ‘What Matters Most’ campaign

John Lewis launches ‘What Matters Most’ campaign

By Danielle Wynne

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John Lewis has recently rolled out an animated TV advert for John Lewis Insurance and now wants fans to follow suit. ‘What Matters Most’ has been devised by Steak and 360i London. A smart microsite has been created for users to upload their own six-second Vine creations to. The Vines have to best represent however the users interpret the #whatmattersmost hashtag that can also be followed on Twitter. John Lewis does seem to encourage submissions that feature stop-motion ‘objects’ – much like the advert. This makes sense because the smoothest looping and stop motion Vines are usually the ones that get the most engagement, which in turn will ensure users will pay more attention to the campaign.

The hashtag is a good one to tap into regardless because it sees a lot of use in general and may encourage other Twitter users to enter the competition also. Entrants can be in with a chance of winning £1,000 of John Lewis vouchers. The entries are being judged by creatives behind the TV advert – Simon Lloyd and Ben Tollett from adam&eveDDB.

Using Vine as the key aspect of this campaign means it aims towards, stereotypically, a younger audience than John Lewis is accustomed to. Whether this will encourage a lot of their current fans to try their hand at using Vine or alienate them remains to be seen. The TV advert is still very much inline with their current branding, right down to the cover of a classic song as it’s theme and so this will still resonate with those that aren’t going to get involved with the social media side of the campaign. The fact it is an expansion of a TV campaign will probably mean it will get more attention regardless. Using social media like this is a good way to get fans engage with and consider the brand’s message on a more personal level as it encourages them to think about what does ‘matter’ to them.


MCA’s rating – 4/5

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