Mini launches #MININOTNORMAL

Mini launches #MININOTNORMAL

By Danielle Wynne

Mini has launched a campaign that taps into their fans’ social media activity. Fans are encouraged to use the #MININOTNORMAL hashtag on any posts they create that centre around the Mini brand. The hashtag can be used across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and any other social media platforms they use. There is a Tumblr blog to upload all the contributions to, along with any other Mini-related content across social media that hasn’t already been picked up on. The best ones are circulated round the Mini social media accounts, mainly Twitter, to ‘salute’ the fan and the best ones have an opportunity to be in the next Mini ad. The campaign is also being put on digital posters.

#MININOTNORMAL links to an already established aspect of Mini’s marketing. The brand has been conducting an online series on their blog about ‘not normalists’ – people that are pioneers in what they do.

This latest campaign turns Mini into a spotlight for fans to use as a platform for their work, whether it is genuine artwork or just a really clever Vine that has the opportunity to go viral. This takes word of mouth to the next level and not only shows the rest of the world how loyal Mini fans are, but also rewards fans that love the brand so much that they create around it. The idea is that good brands generate feelings, not just an eye-catching slogan.

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Encouraging the spread of a hashtag across many different channels is going to get better engagement, but monitoring it could be a problem. Of course with a massive brand like Mini this could be an easy task if there are enough people behind it. The good thing is that Mini actually has its own presence across many of these platforms, which will encourage fans to contribute if they can see the way the brand uses it and where their contributions will be going.

A lot of the individual content could possibility to go viral – but it remains to be seen whether collating it all into one space will do the same.

MCA rating – 3/5

This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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