Not Another Bill introduces a Pass the Parcel campaign

Not Another Bill introduces a Pass the Parcel campaign

By Danielle Wynne


Gift subscription service Not Another Bill has devised a Pass the Parcel campaign. The idea is very simple – several gifts are wrapped in separate layers of paper – but instead of around a circle of friends with cake and pop it is sent all over the country.

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Not Another Bill is a service that subscribers can sign up to in order to receive gifts from upcoming artists, brands and designers every month.  The idea is that as a present to yourself, or someone else, you sign up to receive a gift to break up the monotony of receiving bills all month and simultaneously recreate the days where you would receive anything from a postcard to a letter in the post. The company has not announced the intention of the campaign and has pitched it as simply a fun activity for users – which is a sure way to breed trust and affection for the brand. But it does reward fans, as well as attracting new ones and gives the brand a lot of exposure.

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Users sign up and like the Facebook page and the Not Another team pick users’ names out of a hat to decide the direction the parcel will go. Those fans that receive the parcel remove a layer and their gift and then send it onto the next user and so on until the ‘big’ gift in the middle is unveiled.

This campaign is given a good advantage by Not Another Bill’s already sound social media presence – a Tumblr, Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest board and Instagram account all use their ‪#‎NOTANOTHER hashtag, which makes the pages nicely branded, easy to follow and creates an in-joke for fans and brand alike. Fans are kept updated with the movement of the parcel using a map on the website, that is also posted across social media, that signals the parcel’s current residence and the path it has taken. There is also the nice touch of including a ‘stats’ section that indicates everything from the miles travelled to the amount of cello tape used to wrap it.  The campaign plays on Not Another Bill’s aim to recreate a way of communication that is nearly extinct and translates it to an old-fashioned game that was around way before iPhones and apps were created for entertainment. It is also quite unique to be physically doing pass the parcel – other campaigns have the same idea but do it all through digital. Pass The Parcel creates a dialogue between fans and common ground for them to discuss and bond over.

MCA’s campaign rating – 4/5

This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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