San Pellegrino gives fans ‘Three Minutes in Italy’

San Pellegrino gives fans ‘Three Minutes in Italy’

By Danielle Wynne

Drinks company San Pellegrino are giving fans the opportunity to take a three minute tour of Italy. It sounds like a bit of a cop-out, but users are actually remotely controlling their own ‘robots’ walking through the streets of Taormina in Sicily.  They control the robot with arrows in the Facebook app and can talk to residents through a two-way audio and video line, obviously all accompanied by a brand ambassador. Fans can get ‘in queue’ for the virtual tour by liking the app on the brand’s Facebook page.

Ogilvy New York created ‘Three Minutes in Italy’ and specifically placed it in Taormina, the place San Pellegrino gets all it’s ingredients from. If users are feeling a bit shy and don’t want to interact with the residents they can take a ‘scenic’ tour that allows them to control a ‘skybot’ with a birds eye view of the city. The campaign runs until August 17th from 9 – 3 ET, but there is always a countdown on the page and encouragement to invite yourself to an event that will give you a reminder when the robots are due to start.

San Pellegrino could have done with promoting this a lot more – aside from a few sparse posts on their Facebook page there isn’t much to go on. As a completely different campaign that would have been quite difficult to carry out, it is a shame that it wasn’t publicized as much as it could have been. But at least it’s making a big statement from the beginning with their social media accounts – considering the only previous attempts have been a few half-hearted localized Twitter accounts and a very recent YouTube account. The campaign does still stand a good chance of going viral as a lot of news websites have picked up on it.  It does give fans a lot more information about the brand, for example a lot of people would not have known where the ingredients for the brand would have been from.

MCA’s campaign rating – 3.5/5

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This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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