Subway launches #WinLikeJanet

Subway launches #WinLikeJanet

By Danielle Wynne

Subway has launched a campaign that attempts to mimic a good old-fashioned teddy bear hunt. The brand is using Google street view to create a campaign that conducts a hunt around their stores across the UK. The campaign runs off the back of a TV ad, which features a character called Janet who fails to win anything her entire life, except when she goes to Subway…

The advert features some classic failures, including not being able to win that elusive teddy bear from a childhood fair, hence the #WinLikeJanet hashtag. Every weekday for a month brand ambassadors post clues to where the teddy bear is from their Twitter accounts and fans in the UK and Ireland search for it in the bespoke Facebook app that uses Google Street View. The winner gets – you guessed it – the giant bear.

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The campaign, created by McCann, aims to promote the new limited edition Mango Chicken sub. Subway wants to emulate the success they have seen across their American social media channels in the UK. Their last campaign also featured a personality, Keith, that seemed to work well and so they have recreated this with a new character in mind.

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