This Week’s Clever Campaigns – Air New Zealand, McDonalds, San Pellegrino and Renaissance Hotels

This Week’s Clever Campaigns – Air New Zealand, McDonalds, San Pellegrino and Renaissance Hotels

By Danielle Wynne

Air New Zealand – City-Picker

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Air New Zealand has created a Facebook app that gives fans the chance to win a trip to Auckland, New Zealand. DraftFCB helped to create the ‘city-picker’ app, which gives fans their ‘Kiwi IQ’ by testing them with five photos. Users decide whether the photo they see is San Francisco or Auckland. Results are shown right after a guess, along with some facts about the area in question. The main point is that they are both so alike – which could be a problem for an airline trying to advertise their daily flight between the two countries. May as well not go at all…

You can play for fun or enter the sweepstake to win the plane tickets.


McDonalds – Pour Femme, Pour Homme, Pour Everyone

McDonalds has rolled out a campaign that gives fans the chance to star in their own perfume ads – well, Mcdonalds’ range of iced frappes, advertised as perfume. ‘Pour Femme, Pour Homme, Pour Everyone’ is a satire of a ‘stereotypical’ perfume advert. They are being used as a YouTube masthead, McDonalds website and mobile app. Fans can go to the website and upload their photos, which they take in-website and upload them to a poster that is also edited to mimic the ‘luxury’ aspects of a perfume advert. Otherwise known as sepia.

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San Pellegrino – Three Minutes in Italy

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Drinks company San Pellegrino are giving fans the opportunity to take a three minute tour of Italy. It sounds like a bit of a cop-out, but users are actually remotely controlling their own ‘robots’ walking through the streets of Taormina in Sicily.  They control the robot with arrows in the Facebook app and can talk to residents through a two-way audio and video line, obviously all accompanied by a brand ambassador. Fans can get ‘in queue’ for the virtual tour by liking the app on the brand’s Facebook page.

Ogilvy New York created ‘Three Minutes in Italy’ and specifically placed it in Taormina, the place San Pellegrino gets all it’s ingredients from. If users are feeling a bit shy and don’t want to interact with the residents they can take a ‘scenic’ tour that allows them to control a ‘skybot’ with a birds eye view of the city.  The campaign runs until August 17th from 9 – 3 ET, but there is always a countdown on the page and encouragement to invite yourself to an event that will give you a reminder when the robots are due to start.

Renaissance Hotels – #‎DiscoveryDoors

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Renaissance Hotels have made a highly entertaining microsite featuring a game that allows you to tour their rooms to win prizes. Users find hidden keys in the lobby of the virtual hotel and can go on to explore rooms. Each containing some fantastic feature, like breakdancing teams or faceless people in flashing lights or, weirdly enough, Cee Lo Green…

‪#‎DiscoveryDoors can be played for fun or for prizes, including a trip round the world. The hopes are to attract younger people to the hotel chain. Users can unlock more doors by completing several ‘levels’ via social media – sharing the site with friends on Facebook gets you to another level and sharing specific things using #RDiscovery gets you to another.

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