This Week’s Clever Campaigns – Airbnb, Guinness, Cadbury and Heineken

This Week’s Clever Campaigns – Airbnb, Guinness, Cadbury and Heineken

By Danielle Wynne

Airbnb – Hollywood and Vines

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Airbnb, a service that allows users to advertise and find places to stay in 192 countries, have been conducting a campaign to crowd source a video about travelling. Hollywood and Vines encourages fans to submit Vine videos to the @Airbnb handle using the #AirbnbHV hashtag. The handle tweets the different shots they need, including childlike sketches and their numbers, throughout the day and fans have 48 hours to submit six-second clips of their interpretations. When posting their Vines entrants include a hashtag with the shot number. Entries are judged by originality & creativity, Vine quality & clarity and compliance with director’s instructions.

It will be interesting to see the result, the brand asked for a lot of different shots and all of the Vines submitted and featured on the microsite seem to vary a lot in terms of style.

Guinness – Toast with a tweet

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Guinness has been using a microsite to spread awareness of their Arthur Guinness Fund. Users can choose one of the projects supported by the Arthur Guinness fund, including education for Nigerian widows and job recruitment services for women. The fund supports social entrepreneurs in markets that Guinness operates in. Users can send a tweet in support of their chosen project – essentially a virtual toast. The tweet then becomes a ‘bubble’ in what is assumed to be a pint of Guinness and allows you to read the ‘bubbles’ others have contributed.

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Cadbury – #NotSoSweet

A YouTube video by Cadbury went viral this week. As part of their #NotSoSweet campaign to promote Bournville chocolate the brand released a – seemingly – genuine video, down to the shaking camera, of a marriage proposal in a shopping centre in Dubai. Until a Cadbury train rolls past and a ukulele knocks out the groom, of course. Cadbury are also encouraging their fans to tweet their @BournvilleIN handle a situation that’s overly sweet using the #NotSoSweet hashtag for them to make a short video of.

Heineken – Dropped

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Heineken are adding another layer to their integrated ‘Voyage’ campaign and are actually ‘dropping’ lucky travellers into exotic locations to see how they will fare on their own. Four ‘legendary travellers’ are sent, blindfolded, to Cambodia, Poland, Morroco and Alaska. Users can follow their progress on the Heineken YouTube channel where ‘episodes’ are uploaded throughout their journeys. There are also feelings bars and statistics updated throughout their travels. Heineken have also designated their Instagram to pictures of the travellers; complete with captions much in the style of Red Bull.

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This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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