This Week’s Clever Campaigns – Appleton Estate, Fosters, Road Safety Scotland, Not Another Bill, British Airways and Network Rail

This Week’s Clever Campaigns – Appleton Estate, Fosters, Road Safety Scotland, Not Another Bill, British Airways and Network Rail

By Danielle Wynne

Appleton Estate – #DiscoverRum

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Appleton Estate rum has launched a campaign to bring their hashtag #DiscoverRum to fans around the UK. The ‘rum bus’ will visit events over the summer providing tasting classes, master classes and sessions ran by brand ambassadors. Created with the help of Flourish, a brand experience agency, a PR campaign from Cutlass Communications and social media ran by Silver Chair. The tour started at Lounge on the Farm in Devon and will go on to visit events such as London Cocktail Week and the Rum Bus event on Thursday August 1st at Shoreditch’s Red Gallery Market. Fans can also win a visit from the rum bus by tweeting pictures or uploading to the Facebook page, of their favourite ‘discoveries’ with the #DiscoverRum hashtag. Users then vote on their favourites and the one with the most votes is given a visit by the rum bus. Confusingly enough – there is also another chance to win a visit by uploading a photo of the bus if you see it passing through where you are.

Fosters – Good Call, Bad Call Wheel of Fortune

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Fosters is set to expand it’s ‘Good Call’ TV adverts to an event focused campaign. The Good Call, Bad Call Wheel is a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ inspired game that gives branded prizes if a player lands on ‘Good Call’ and a forfeit of a ridiculous costume if a player lands on ‘Bad Call’. The wheel will be at Old Trafford County Cricket Ground in Manchester during the Third Test of The Ashes Series and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, between 14-16 August in George Square Gardens. Players will be encouraged to upload photos and videos of them playing the game to Twitter and Facebook in order to win prizes, as well as Fosters themselves setting up a gallery. The game was developed by Space and taps into the ‘no worries’ attitude the brand have adopted.

Road Safety Scotland – Kids in the Car

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Road Safety Scotland has been working with The Scottish Government to create a driving awareness campaign. ‘Kids in the Car’ taps into the popularity of gimmicks such as ‘Kids Say the Funniest Things’ and asks kids to draw pictures of their parents driving and what they think makes a good or bad driver. Families can win a £200 ASDA gift card if they submit their child’s drawings. The amusing pictures of dads with red faces also draws on a scare tactic – kids pick up lot more than people think and this could have a negative affect on them as a driver in the future. Passing bad habits onto children is something a lot of parents fear and so this campaign plays on the fact that children mimic their parent and guardians’ behaviour. Arnold Clark, VisitScotland, Bauer Media, Education Scotland and Asda will support the campaign.

Not Another Bill – Pass the Parcel

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Gift subscription service, Not Another Bill, have devised a Pass the Parcel campaign. The idea is very simple – several gifts are wrapped in separate layers of paper – but instead of around a circle of friends with cake and pop it is sent all over the country.

Not Another Bill is a service that subscribers can sign up to in order to receive gifts from upcoming artists, brands and designers every month.  Users sign up and like the Facebook page and the Not Another team pick users’ names out of a hat to decide the direction the parcel will go. Those fans that receive the parcel remove a layer and their gift and then send it onto the next user and so on until the ‘big’ gift in the middle is unveiled. Fans are kept updated with the movement of the parcel using a map on the website, that is also posted across social media, that signals the parcel’s current residence and the path it has taken. There is also the nice touch of including a ‘stats’ section that indicates everything from the miles travelled to the amount of cello tape used to wrap it.  The campaign plays on Not Another Bill’s aim to recreate a way of communication that is nearly extinct and translates it to an old-fashioned game that was around way before iPhones and apps were created for entertainment.

British Airways – Visit Mum

British Airways have introduced a new online video that emphasizes the view that they’re dealing in experiences, not just flights. The video, made by Ogilvy & Mather, New York, features Ratnesh, who hasn’t seen his mum since he moved from Mumbai to New York when he was just 17. The video aims to raise awareness of BA’s wide range of flights from North America to India.This is a good angle to go from as social is all about selling the experiences and not the products. With this simple tagline ‘Visit Mum’ it’s bound to tug a few heartstrings – who doesn’t think they should spend more time with their mum?!

Network Rail – Don’t Let a Tipple Turn Into a Topple

Network Rail have released a video that features some of the more spectacular slips and trips they have had at their stations. Knowing how much we all love watching people fall over – which has developed from the humble origins of You’ve Been Framed to the addictive circulation of GIFs – the company have collated these falls to create a YouTube compilation. The company is quick to stress that none of the people featured were seriously injured, but stated that from 2012 to 2013 there were over accidents such as falling over luggage and tripping and 1 fatality. They amount a lot of these injuries to being drunk and have dedicated a website page to this video and tips to keep safe on platforms and the ‘beer goggles test’ – posters that will be posted across stations. There is also the ‘Beer Goggles Test’ – posters that will be going up around stations to test travellers’ sobriety and encourage them to go home or stop drinking.

This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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