This Week’s Clever Campaigns: Marmite, Mini, Subway and Vancouver Police Department

This Week’s Clever Campaigns: Marmite, Mini, Subway and Vancouver Police Department

By Danielle Wynne

Marmite’s neglect campaign divides opinion…

Marmite have once again truly divided opinion with their latest campaign. Their latest adverts mimic the more traditional charity adverts that highlight neglect, much like the RSPCA adverts, which a lot of people have seen to be in bad taste.

The video has been followed up with Facebook posts and tweets of jars of Marmite in similar situations, like alone in the back of a cupboard or missing it’s lid, accompanied with the #MarmiteNeglect hashtag. The advert received 250 complaints in the first 24 hours of airing and numerous comments have been posted on their social network profiles slating the campaign. The brand have tried to calm tempers by donating £18,000 to the RSPCA, but the Advertising Standards Authority are still considering investigating it.  There have also been numerous comments on how a lot of people are missing the point and it’s just a humorous way to get attention. There is a logical theory going around that this was Marmite’s true intention with this campaign all along – once again referencing their ‘love it or hate it’ stand point – remains to be seen.

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Mini have launched a campaign that taps into their fans’ social media activity. Fans are encouraged to use the #MININOTNORMAL hashtag on any posts they create that centre around the Mini brand. The hashtag can be used across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and any other social media platforms they use. There is a Tumblr blog to upload all the contributions to, along with any other Mini-related content across social media that hasn’t already been picked up on. The best ones are circulated round the Mini social media accounts, mainly Twitter, to ‘salute’ the fan and the best ones have an opportunity to be in the next Mini ad. The campaign is also being put on digital posters.


Subway – #WinLikeJanet

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Subway has launched a campaign that attempts to mimic a good old-fashioned teddy bear hunt. The brand is using Google street view to create a campaign that conducts a hunt around their stores across the UK. The campaign runs off the back of a TV ad, which features a character called Janet who fails to win anything her entire life, except when she goes to Subway…

The advert features some classic failures, including not being able to win that elusive teddy bear from a childhood fair, hence the #WinLikeJanet hashtag. Every week day for a month brand ambassadors post clues to where the teddy bear is from their Twitter accounts and fans in the UK and Ireland search for it in the bespoke Facebook app that uses Google Street View. The winner gets – you guessed it – the giant bear.

Vancouver Police Department’s Instagram campaign

The Vancouver Police Department has released two Youtube videos that showcase their aviator glasses that can be bought to show support for the team. The ads are a CSI spoof that emphasises the fact that wearing these glasses will help support the police, but will not necessarily make you a member. The glasses can be bought for $20 and the police force are asking those that buy them to submit photos of themselves wearing them on Instagram under the hashtag #VPDPartners. Winners can win a ‘ride-along’ trip in a Police car. The aim of the campaign is to raise money for their crime prevention and community outreach programmes. The campaign will also make users more aware of their Twitter account, which appears to be used quite regularly to answer non-emergency questions.

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