Dior Homme rolls out #DiorRob

Dior Homme rolls out #DiorRob

By Danielle Wynne


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Dior Homme have shown how brands can truly utilize the hashtag as part of their latest campaign. A buzz was created long before the launch of their new advert, which stars Twilight alum and, ahem, super-hunk Robert Pattinson and driven by Promoted tweets from Dior Homme. The full-length ad was released last Monday, along with the #DiorRob hashtag. With over 4 million views on the uncensored version and over 1 million of ‘The Film’ on YouTube just three days later, it seemed to work.

The hashtag is featured throughout ‘The Film’ and has been used thousands of times by fans across multiple channels including Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We don’t want to pick holes but Dior are missing a trick not dedicating a whole Pinterest board to the ad or posting any RPatz themed content. However, the ad has gained organic traction from the sheer amount of fan-made boards.

Dior has utilized the increasingly popular channels of Tumblr, G+, Instagram and Vine to create GIFs and images that are just asking to be shared. G+ in particular is the perfect platform for this. The Dior account includes teasers, trailers and gifs that represent the ad in a great way. Their Tumblr and Google+ page have a shared look that translates well in terms of both the brand and the ad.

Instagram is interesting to look at in terms of fan made content because a lot of the hashtags feature fan’s local billboards that are advertising the ad – and mainly feature a large picture of Rob’s face.

The initial success of the hashtag could be down to the celebrity endorsement of such a well-known actor with such a huge fanbase, a substantial portion of which already dedicate hours to filling their blogs, Tumblrs, Facebook groups and fan Twitter accounts with Rob based content. Maybe all they needed was a uniformed, well thought out hashtag to utilize and fangirl over.

Despite this, Dior have created a well thought out campaign that seems to have left nothing unthought of. They’ve honed in on how Rob’s fans work and are determined to make the most of it. They have included social buttons all throughout the film on a microsite via dior.com. which allows users to watch ‘the film’ and capture a photo or video instantly to share on their profiles on either Facebook, Vine, Pinteret, Tumblr, Twitter or G+. Allowing users to easily grab their own content and upload it themselves creates a more personalized experience and exploits the fact that fans are going to want to share the images and videos.

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MCA’s rating – 5/5

This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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