This Week’s Clever Campaigns – British Airways, Coke, Gaymers and Royal Caribbean International

This Week’s Clever Campaigns – British Airways, Coke, Gaymers and Royal Caribbean International

By Danielle Wynne

British Airways – #RaceThePlane


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British Airways launched a campaign yesterday (Thursday 19th September) to see if one of their flights could be faster then a virtual plane.

The company were asking fans to tweet the hashtag #RaceThePlane from 12:15pm to power the virtual ‘Tweetliner’ as it raced one of their London to Toronto flights. The brand kept fans up to speed on the race through their Twitter account.

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Fans that took part were entered into a draw to win flight tickets. Another competition will take place on the 24th. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the airlines’ new 787 Dreamliner planes.

Coca-cola – #LetsEatTogether


Cola-Cola have enlisted the help of MRM Worldwide to help family and friends in Romania come together at dinner time, after it was found 60% of people sit and eat their dinner alone in front of the telly.
However, unlike any other ad before, this one incorporated live tweets with national television. The bottom of the advert included a bar which hosted tweets featuring the hashtag #LetsEatTogether. These were live edited as they flowed in with up to seven being featured in each ad. Most of which were directly addressed to people – inviting one another to have a meal together.

Coke’s Twitter base in Romania increased by 15% and the ad created a total of over 1 million social media impressions.


Gaymers – Gift Generator

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Gaymers have been running their Facebook app all summer and have now entered the final faze by re-skinning the ‘festival season’ special as a ‘Fresher’s Edition’. Fans can go to Gaymer’s Facebook page and spin a casino-style fruit machine to win TopShop and See Tickets vouchers. The good thing about this is it has adjusted over the summer and changed prizes to best fit the majority of people that will be using it – students want vouchers and festival fans want festival tickets, obviously.


Royal Caribbean International – InstaFilm Festival


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The Royal Caribbean International (RCL) has launched an Instagram ‘film festival’ as part of their brand-awareness campaign – ‘Designed for WOW’. Fans can enter the InstaFilm Festival by submitting a Instagram video that best represents a ‘WOW’ moment and includes the hashtag #InstaFilmFest. Fans can vote for their favourite videos through the microsite. Users not submitting to the competition can win a GoPro if they vote. The most popular films will then be invited to an onboard screening in February 2014. Prizes will go to the best films as voted for by judges and the public. The campaign is also supported by cinema advertising in the Australasia area.

This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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