This Week’s Clever Campaigns – Expedia, St John Ambulance, NUS and Beefeater

This Week’s Clever Campaigns – Expedia, St John Ambulance, NUS and Beefeater

By Danielle Wynne

Expedia – Travel yourself interesting

Expedia have been trying to combat the problem of ‘boring tweets’ by sending the mind-numbing ‘going to get coffee’ and ‘just got up lol’ rubbish in your timeline to more interesting places.

Expedia followers were asked to use the #TYI hashtag on their most boring tweets and the Expedia team then turned those tweets into fun content, for example sending a tweet about lint to the Vegas sign…

Some of them are a bit strange and don’t make sense but the fans seemed to lap it up, the team also made a point of turning to tweets around in minutes in order for the campaign to truly work in real time with ‘fun fact’ replies in under five minutes and image and video responses within 120 minutes. Followers using the hashtag are entered into a competition to win a number of prizes including a trip for 2 to Abu Dhabi.

The team also went one step further and found boring famous people’s tweets and turned them into content – Matt Lucas‘ insightful ‘Urgh this water’s wet!’ was eaten by lions.

St John Ambulance – Save the Boy

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 10.49.22

Saint John Ambulance have attempted to tackle the problem that 55% of parents wouldn’t know what to do if their child was involved in a life-threatening accident. The ambulance service have tapped into parent’s anxieties and launched a TV ad thats depicts a father completely at loss when his child is met with a serious accident. The advert is left unresolved and viewers are directed to a microsite to try and ‘save the boy’. The online platform talks viewers through simple procedures, for example how to clear the victim’s airways, which users can carry out by using their mouse.

The National Union of Students – #FreshersSurvival

The NUS has been running Twitter Q and A sessions for new university students this week, with the hopes of helping undergraduates out with advice and tips on how to survive uni life. There has been a different topic everyday – including finance and budget advise from founder Martin Lewis – as well as advice on how to use Twitter for education purposes. The sessions end today and students can take part by tweeting their questions to the @NUSUK handle using the #FreshersSurvival hashtag.


Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 11.20.40


Beefeater – Beefy’s Apprentice

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 11.25.57

Beefeater Grill has launched a competition with the opportunity to win free steak for life through their Facebook page. Users simply have to like and connect with the page before sending in an ‘application’ to become the next apprentice. The app pulls your information, such as name and birth date, from your Facebook information and then gives you a series of questions to answer – of course one being ‘If you were a steak what steak would you be?’. The Facebook page then advises that the next stage is a ‘boardroom meeting’ to see if they make the cut before the winner is chosen. What this will actually entail remains to be seen…

This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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