This Week’s Clever Campaigns: GE, Heineken, Burberry, Australian Federal Police & Jack Daniel’s

This Week’s Clever Campaigns: GE, Heineken, Burberry, Australian Federal Police & Jack Daniel’s

By Danielle Wynne

General Electric – #GEInstawalk

General Electric has planned to take twelve people to document a tour of their cutting edge testing facility in Ohio. Six Instagram influencers have been chosen to document the tour of the facility on September 20th. The company have also used Instagram to source 6 of the biggest aviation fans to join them. Fans had just one day on September 4th to leave a comment on GE’s Instagram video explaining why they’re the biggest GE #avgeek. Despite the relatively niche fan base and the limited time fans had to engage with the competition, there were over 1,000 likes and many enthusiastic comments on the post. GE’s Instagram account is already well used and it will be interesting to see how they actually go about making their Instawalk.

Heineken – Crack the US Open

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Heineken have created the first ‘Instagram scavenger hunt’ campaign. Their fans can win 2 tickets to the Us Open Men’s Final. Users can gain access to the specific Instagram account if they are over 21 and follow @Crack_the_US _Open on Instagram. The board uses Instagram to create a mosaic of all their individual shots, when users turn their phone 90 degrees these images combine to create a picture of tennis fans in the stadium. Users can scroll through the images and captions to find the clues for the hunt. The first clue and codeword is shared on the @Heineken_US Instagram and Twitter. Users then follow the clues across the images and when they find the last photo they enter the correct codeword in the comments. The brand sponsors the US Open, which explains the big giveaway.

Burberry – #ThisIsBrit


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Burberry launched a YouTube video to compliment their latest campaign this week. The video advertising their new men’s fragrance, Brit Rhythm, features These New Puritans frontman George Barnett. The campaign will end with three gigs in London, New York and Singapore in October. The YouTube video will expand to TV later this month and a dedicated Brit Rhythm section on the Burberry website. Leading Instagram influencers will collaborate to create content for the #ThisIsBrit hashtag and selected images will be used in outdoor ads. There is already a buzz around the hashtag as fans have been posting photos of the scented temporary tattoos they receive when applying for a VIP pass to one of the gigs via


Australian Federal Police – YouTube Missing Person Pre-roll

The Aussie Federal Police have teamed up with VML to help in the search for 1,600 long-term missing persons in Australia. With the use of geo-targeting each ad can be tailored to the locations the missing persons were last seen – helping to create an extensive map to aid the Federal Police in their search.

Each ad includes a photo and brief description of the missing person and then goes on to ask if the watcher has seen them, converting the existing somewhat overused ‘skip ad’ button to a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. The tool changes existing media behaviour in a positive way. But like many charitable ads the watcher may become disengaged because it’s an uncomfortable subject, causing them to switch off or ignore the ads completely. Overall, however, it’s a great idea and creates something positive out of an area of YouTube, which is largely seen as an annoyance by users.

Jack Daniel’s – Raise A Glass

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Jack Daniel’s has been encouraging fans to ‘raise a glass’ in celebration of the founder’s birthday for the whole of September. The brand will use this campaign to launch an Instagram account in the UK for the first time. The idea is that fans post photos of themselves drinking Jack Daniel’s to their Instagram accounts with the #JacksBirthday hashtag. The brand will also feature those closely involved in Jack Daniel’s, for example Lynne Tolley, Jack Daniel’s Great-grandneice.

This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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