This Week’s Clever Campaigns – Bosch, Airbnb, Kenneth Cole, Dior Homme and Colgate

This Week’s Clever Campaigns – Bosch, Airbnb, Kenneth Cole, Dior Homme and Colgate

By Danielle Wynne

Bosch – #wwud?

Bosch has given fans the chance to win a trip to Vegas if they tell them what they would do if they had an extra day a year. Apparently we each spend, on average, a day a year parking our vehicles. Users can tell Bosch via Twitter, Facebook, Vine or Instagram what they would do with this time using the #wwud hashtag. The winning trip includes tickets to the 2014 International CES® to find out what Bosch are doing with automated driving – which they hope will essentially save you that day wasted on parking.

Airbnb – Hollywood and Vines

We wrote a blog a few weeks ago about Airbnb’s Vine campaign. The brand aimed to source an extended mini-film entirely from their fan’s Vines. We were unsure how it was going to turn out with it being sourced from so many different people but below is the finished result.

Kenneth Cole – Kenneth Cole View Points

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 16.29.25

Kenneth Cole has used social media innovatively to promote his Spring 2014 collection show at New York Fashion Week using Vine.

In order to share his Spring collection with fans not lucky enough to attend, Cole appointed a group of videographers to capture the event. This unfolded in the creation of over 500 Vines, which were then whittled down to 120 of the best and then uploaded live into a Vine fashion mosaic during the event.

The videos include various scenes from the show, such as models getting ready and strutting down the runway, stop motion clips of various outfits and accessories as well as some footage of guests. In addition to this, attendees were encouraged to share their own shots with the hashtag #kcviewpoints, giving the campaign organic traction. Tying in with the hashtag, Models were also equip with smartphones so fans could see the show from their perspective too.

Dior Homme – #DiorRob

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 12.34.37

As part of their latest campaign, Dior Homme have shown how brands can truly utilize the hashtag. A buzz was created long before the launch of their new advert, which stars Twilight alum and, ahem, super-hunk Robert Pattinson, through the use of promoted tweets. The full-length ad was released last Monday, along with the #DiorRob hashtag. With over 4 million views on the uncensored version and over 1 million of ‘The Film’ on YouTube just three days later, it seemed to work.

The hashtag is featured throughout ‘The Film’ and has been used thousands of times by fans across multiple channels including Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Dior has utilized the increasingly popular channels of Tumblr, G+, Instagram and Vine ( to create GIFs and images that are just asking to be shared. G+ in particular is the perfect platform for this. The Dior account includes teasers, trailers and gifs that represent the ad in a great way. Their Tumblr and Google+ page have a shared look that translates well in terms of both the brand and the ad.

Dior have included social buttons all throughout the film on a microsite via which allows users to watch ‘the film’ and capture a photo or video instantly to share on their profiles on either Facebook, Vine, Pinteret, Tumblr, Twitter or G+. Allowing users to easily grab their own content and upload it themselves creates a more personalized experience and exploits the fact that fans are going to want to share the images and videos.


Colgate – There’s Something in Your Tweet

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 11.17.38

Colgate have rolled out a microsite that allows users to anonymously tweet their friends when they have food stuck in their teeth. The site allows you to enter a friend’s Twitter handle, select the food that is the culprit and it tweets them from the @ColgateSlimSoft handle with a link to a coupon for money off their new toothbrush. Although it will be used more for light workplace and between-friend banter rather than actual dental hygiene emergencies, it is still a good way to gain engagement.





This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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