VisitEngland Discovers 101 Things To Do Before You Go Abroad

By Rob McNair

2012 was a pretty impressive year for us Brits, with the Olympics and the Queens Diamond Jubilee to name just a few. Our clients VisitEngland wanted a campaign that would harness this heightened sense of pride in the UK borne from 2012. We came up with a dual phased campaign that aimed to inspire the nation to take more domestic holidays. 101 things to do before you go abroad used a map-based Facebook app and microsite that encouraged users to nominate and vote for their favourite English experiences to be included in an ultimate ‘bucket list’. The second phase of the campaign showcased the 101 chosen experiences on the map, which was also made downloadable for people to use and check off once they had visited each place.

Now we’re not usually ones for blowing our own trumpet but the campaign did really well, so we had some of the stats put together in an infographic by our lovely design team. Why not take a look.


This post was written by Rob McNair

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