Interval House make every second matter

Interval House make every second matter

By Danielle Wynne

Interval House – a Canadian center for abused women and children – have created a campaign to highlight the statistic that in Canada an act of violence is committed against a woman every second. They have collaborated with an agency, Union, to create an interactive site that personalises this statistic. Every Second Matters connects to your Facebook page and uses images of the females in your friends list to create a collage, accompanied by the image and sound of a ticking clock, counting the seconds you spend on the site. Each photo in the collage changes to a different friend every second with the message ‘Who has to be affected for you to care?’ You can also ‘buy a second’ for the victims of violence by making a donation directly from the site. There are 86,400 seconds in a day, and the purpose of the website is to sell all of them. Every donation, no matter how small, goes towards helping the women who turn to Interval House, to help turn their lives around.

The effectiveness of this campaign relies mainly on how many female friends you have on your friends list and how many of them you’re actually close to. If you don’t know the faces flashing up personally then obviously it’s just as effective as seeing actresses in your average campaign. If you have your mum or childhood friend on there then it can evoke completely different feelings.


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