This Week’s Clever Campaigns – Banksy, Levi’s and Honda

This Week’s Clever Campaigns – Banksy, Levi’s and Honda

By Danielle Wynne

Banksy – Better Out Than In

: Westside

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British street artist Banksy is exhibiting his latest ‘show’ around the streets of New York – and Instagram. Better Out Than In will be a new take on art exhibitions, solely on the streets and put on social media and a website. Banksy’s work has always been shared online but this is the first time the artist has took it upon himself to document it. It is probably a good thing seems as one of his first pieces has already been vandalized and painted over.  Having posted only 3 Instagram pictures since the show ‘opened’ the artist has already attracted over 34,000 followers.He has also set up a Twitter account with the handle @Banksyny – which already has over 11,000 followers – and a hashtag #banksyny so fans around the world can follow the show. Those in the city itself can call an audio guide to ‘enhance’ their enjoyment of the work. The artist has always been notoriously anonymous so the inclusion of social media in his work is a big change.

The show had been teased for a while using posters  simply saying “Banksy Oct. 2013.” but his website made an official announcement about the show on Tuesday.  Interestingly enough banksy’s first stencil was also teased out before the announcement by fellow artist Fragile, a photographer often first to photograph Banksy’s work, on his private Twitter account.

: Midtown

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Levi’s – Make our Mark

Levi’s has launched their latest campaign ‘Make Our Mark’ in order to further increase awareness of the classic American denim brand. They have took over the ‘Station to Station’ train, an art experience created by experimental artist Doug Aitken, that combines technology, art and music. The train travels from New York to San Francisco and at each of the 10 stops a new artist gets on to collaborate and produce different pieces of art. These creations are then broadcast to the world via social media.

The easy route to do this would be for the artists involved to whip out their iPhones, instead Levi’s and agency AKQA took it upon themselves to revamp some vintage American classics – such as a Twitter-enabled Underwood No.5 Typewriter from 1901, a 1939 Bolex movie camera hooked up to Instagram and a 1956 Gibson guitar plugged into SoundCloud. These ‘devices’ were used to instantly share their creations to the social web and connect artists on the train to the public.

A dedicated Chrome book on the train allowed the artists to attach their social media login credentials to a unique custom-made RFID bracelet. Each tool is then equipped with Verizon hotspot and an RFID reader so whenever an artist wants to use one of the tools they can scan their RFID band, which will then automatically logs them into their associated account. Their creations then simply appear online.

Honda – HondaVAC takes over Twitter


After the success of their Vine campaign Honda have taken to Twitter again, this time targeting brands instead of fans. They have been tweeting from their @Honda handle to promote their built in hoover for their new Odyssey car model.  They have used the annoyance of food crumbs in the car to their advantage and have been sending playful ‘threats’ to food brand’s about their crumbs having limited survival in their new cars. Oreo already have the social thing down so targeting them was a smart move as it opened up a dialogue between them that allowed followers of both handles to see the banter. They sent out a mixture of picture and text tweets – the text tweets seem a little odd and need some explaining but the thought is there. Honda must be doing something right as brands actually started to tweet them first in hopes of opening up a dialogue and gaining some exposure.

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