This Week’s Clever Campaigns – Interval House, Dr Martens, Unicef and Jose Cuervo

This Week’s Clever Campaigns – Interval House, Dr Martens, Unicef and Jose Cuervo

By Danielle Wynne


Interval House – Every Second Matters

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Interval House – a Canadian center for abused women and children – have created a campaign to highlight the statistic that in Canada an act of violence is committed against a woman every second. They have collaborated with an agency, Union, to create an interactive site that personalises this statistic. Every Second Matters connects to your Facebook page and uses images of the females in your friends list to create a collage, accompanied by the image and sound of a ticking clock, counting the seconds you spend on the site. Each photo in the collage changes to a different friend every second with the message ‘Who has to be affected for you to care?’ You can also ‘buy a second’ for the victims of violence by making a donation directly from the site. There are 86,400 seconds in a day, and the purpose of the website is to sell all of them. Every donation, no matter how small, goes towards helping the women who turn to Interval House, to help turn their lives around.


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Dr Martens kicked off a major 2-year campaign earlier this month. #STANDFORSOMETHING is a celebration of the brand’s fans and their reputation of self-expression and will run globally across print, point of sale and digital advertising.

The campaign is opening with a series of gigs, taking place in five cities across the UK with bands Sonic Boom Six, Save Your Breath, Young Guns, Spector and Lower Than Atlantis – tickets can be bought online and in Dr. Martens stores.

There is also a film surrounding the history of Dr. Martens’ culture, aiming to drive engagement with the brand’s digital and social channels. There are also plans for future films featuring some of the brand’s fans that will be seeded out in the bespoke Facebook app. The app currently features the film and an Instagram competition that encourages users to submit a picture of their DMs and what it means to them to #STANDFORSOMETHING.

Unicef – #emptyplate


Unicef used social media to raise awareness of food shortage as part of World Food Day on Wednesday 16 October.

Unicef teamed up with Weapon7 to create the #emptyplate campaign which encouraged users  to post images of empty plates on Instagram and Twitter using the campaign hashtag. This campaign is particularly striking when considering the usual Instagram post features a plate full of food. Unicef hopes to highlight how much we take food supplies for granted.


Jose Cuervo – Howl

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Jose Cuervo have expanded their international ‘Who’s In?’ campaign with the launch of the #PartyAnimals ‘Howl’ app.

The app uses the FourSquare API and in-app SMS functionality so users can create virtual ‘packs’ of friends and inform their ‘pack’ where they are on a night out by sending a ‘howl’ from their phone.

Jose Cuervo hopes that this campaign will celebrate their fan’s spontaneity and ‘lust for life’ by documenting the before, during and after of a night out and bringing groups of friends together more often. The app is available from the Google Play and Apple App stores.

This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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