Dogs Trust reignite the ‘A dog is for life’ message through social media

Dogs Trust reignite the ‘A dog is for life’ message through social media

By Danielle Wynne

The infamous slogan ‘a dog is for life not just for Christmas’ is 35 years old this year. The non-profit organization Dogs Trust is reigniting the message with social media activity that aims to make people consider the short and long-term commitment needed when buying a dog.

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The #presspaws campaign encourages users to post pictures of their hand against a dog’s paw on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag. There have also been a few Instagram submissions and Dogs Trust have created a YouTube video for the campaign. The brand want to refresh the simple and direct message for a modern audience. All the posts are fed into a Tumblr blog, with a total of 418 submissions of support so far. There have also been multiple personalities and celebrities tweeting their support for the campaign.

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It was probably time for a refresh as the internet has created many other problems by giving people the opportunity to purchase dogs on impulse. The charity is already very active on their Twitter channels so it is probably the perfect platform to use to support this campaign. Whether it will cause people to have a second think about buying a dog would be hard to measure but any affect on the numbers on animal neglect will be seen as a success.

This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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