10 steps to Facebook success 2014 whitepaper (PRE-RELEASE)

10 steps to Facebook success 2014 whitepaper (PRE-RELEASE)

By Danielle Wynne

Most brands have started rolling out their Christmas campaigns already (good luck to everyone!) Looking forward to the New Year, we’ve pre-released our new Facebook whitepaper to give you a headstart on your strategy and ensure you hit the ground running for a successful 2014!

Facebook are constantly tweaking and experimenting with their platform to make it more user-friendly and ensure you get the most out of it as a marketer, these tweaks are rolled out slowly and tested with a few select users so some of them could be easily overlooked, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know to make sure you’re ahead of the curve…

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Facebook is still one of the most popular social platforms for users, the amount of time users spend on it alone is proof of its capability to reach your fans.

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With Facebook being such a popular network, it can sometimes be difficult to reach your audience. You can change this by setting up promoted posts – this is great way of showing off your best content and what you have to offer.

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It’s no surprise that a massive amount of Facebook users access the site on mobile. It makes sense to include mobile into your social strategy with specific ads that will ensure you’re reaching even more users.

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Facebook themselves appear to be listening to wants and needs and recently made their posts embeddable on other sites. This means that all the hard work you put into your posts isn’t just for Facebook anymore – and those that, it appears by some miracle, aren’t on Facebook can enjoy and benefit from what you have to offer. You will also gain more reach when fans share it to their blogs and other sites.

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Hashtags have proved to be useful and popular across many other platforms and so it made sense for Facebook to incorporate them too. It’s useful for tracking conversations and can direct more people to your posts when they’re searching for a particular topic.

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As well as running mobile friendly ads it’s important that all of your content is optimised for mobile – including your apps. There are so many handsets available, but it really is worth your while to ensure your apps are compatible with as many as possible to ensure you gain the biggest reach possible.

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If you haven’t already noticed, every single post by every single person on your friends list will not pass through your news feed for you to browse – posts users see depend on a kind of ‘points’ system, which is something to keep in mind.

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Facebook have recently changed their ad platform to enable users to pick their ad based on a specific objective that they want to achieve. Make sure to think through thoroughly what your goal is before you start splashing the cash on ads.

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Competitions are a great way to drive reach but there multiple things to consider when running international competitions (we’re currently a post about this, so watch this space).

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Great news is that the pesky 20% text rule on brand banners has now been removed! But we recommend you still keep the text to a minimum to make it stand out and ensure your brand’s message is communicated easily.

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Mastering graph search would be a useful way to start 2014 – give yourself a quick start now by ensuring all your business information is up to date and correct.

You can download the Facebook success whitepaper.

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This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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