This Week’s Clever Campaigns – Regal Cinemas, Disney & Asics

This Week’s Clever Campaigns – Regal Cinemas, Disney & Asics

By Danielle Wynne

Regal Cinemas – Date Night Fails

Regal Cinemas have rolled out a campaign as a reminder that cinemas are still important with their Date Night Fails campaign. They have cast some of the most influential people on Vine – Jason Nash and Brittany Furlan – to star in their two-minute YouTube videos and 6 second Vine clips. The clips depict awkward situations – such as trying to conduct a date when none of the films you’re trying to watch load, or you can’t find anything relevant or current to watch when streaming illegally. The YouTube videos have already experienced some popularity and the cinema chain hopes to create more buzz by sharing both the Vines and YouTube videos out through their own platforms as well as the influencers’ own personal accounts.

Disney – #DisneySide

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The Walt Disney company have launched a campaign to encourage users to share their ‘Disney Side’ and experiences from their visits to the Disney theme park. According to the Disney blog, a Disney side is the side of you that says ‘yes’ more often and lives life to the fullest. This is apparently what happens when you step through the gates at Disney land or world. The brand has created a microsite that pulls through examples of your  using Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.  The brand seems to have really leaned towards Vine for this campaign, including a competition to Vine your #DisneySide to be in with a chance of winning $1000 in a daily giveaway. They have also created their own example Vine videos to set the bar for entries – which are being judged by influential Viners and designers.

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Asics – Tradmill Challenge

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Shoe brand Asics took to the streets to show the public how hard running as an elite runner is in relation to the New York Marathon on Sunday. With most of the runners coming in hours after the winners it is difficult to imagine how fast they actually run, which is why the brand carted a one-speed treadmill that only works at 12 mph – the average speed of marathon runner Ryan Hall – around the city. A 12 mph run is basically a 4:46 minute mile. Participants are strapped to a harness and challenged to run until their legs give out. Their efforts are recorded and sent to them via email to avoid any embarrassing fails being shared across the internet, but users are encouraged to share their experience via Instagram using the #betteryourbest hashtag. The people that stayed on the treadmill for the longest time won Asics gear. Ryan Hall himself has also on hand to offer advice:


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