This week’s clever campaigns – Special K, Konica Minolta & Friskies

This week’s clever campaigns – Special K, Konica Minolta & Friskies

By Danielle Wynne

Special K – #FightFatTalk

Special K has launched a new campaign with the aim to diminish the amount of ‘fat talk’ that occurs between women – on social media in particular. According to research, 93% of women call themselves fat, sometimes without even realising they’re doing it. Special K have created a website and hashtag to help #FightFatTalk. The website can track negative ‘fat talk’ that goes on from either you or your friends on Facebook or Twitter. If it tracks any of this kind of talk (it didn’t pick up anything from either my friends or followers lists) you can send them a reminder that they deserve better. They kicked off the campaign by creating a ‘store’ that had these real social media posts attached to the clothing – created by Leo Burnett and directed by O Positive’s Peyton Wilson.

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Konica Minolta – Dream Printer

Printer brand, Konica Minolta has created a campaign that aims to make children’s dreams a reality. Children are invited to write their dream onto a piece of paper and feed it into the Dream Printer. An artist sat inside of the printer can see what the child looks like through a camera on the outside so they can draw a caricature of the child in their dream. They then feed the drawing back to the child. The brand have created a YouTube video to demonstrate the campaign and the project has got over 6,000 likes on their Facebook page. The concept was created by Takenori Hashimoto, a copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather, Japan. Their first event for the campaign created dreams for around 30 children in New York, the next event will be in Shinjyuku, Japan on December 14th.


Friskies – It’s hard to be a cat at Christmas

Cat food brand Friskies have made their own Christmas music video – but instead of warbling celebrities it stars internet cats Grumpy Cat, Nala and Colonel Meow. ‘Hard to be a cat at Christmas’ is about how rubbish it is to be around overexcited humans at Christmas, in particular cats in shelters. For every view on their YouTube video, up to 500,000, Friskies will donate one can of wet food to shelters and rescue organisations in America.

Friskies have also created a site that attempts to use the meme trend –  If You Feed Me Wet Cat Food features sharable cat images for you to share and the opportunity to upload and annotate your own.

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This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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