This Week’s Clever Campaigns – Samsung, Airbnb & KFC

This Week’s Clever Campaigns – Samsung, Airbnb & KFC

By Danielle Wynne

Samsung – Galaxy11

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Samsung has rolled out their new campaign, Galaxy 11. Released this week, the video ‘Galaxy 11: The Beginning’ unveils the involvement of  Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and others as part of a ‘squad’ to fight aliens that have invaded Earth.

Of course throughout the video various Samsung Galaxy devices are thrown at you, such as the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. Fans will be encouraged to participate more via social as the campaign goes on.

All of the Galaxy team members are sharing the video from their social accounts and Samsung themselves are promoting#Galaxy11 from the microsite, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. In the next video the team will begin training for a football match against the aliens…

Airbnb – Every Traveller Needs a Home
Airbnb, the community site that takes couch-hopping to the next level, have been working with artists to create birdhouses that are directly modelled on real houses featured on the site.

The campaign has been created by Pereira & O’Dell San Francisco and has mirrored travelling with the habits of birds. 50 artists have modelled their creations of real listings on the site – they are part of an exhibition at Audubon Park’s Tree of Life in New Orleans until December 22nd. The campaign is supported by a YouTube video that shows the artists in action and a microsite that showcases the creations at The campaign has also rolled out across TV and in cinemas.

KFC –  #UniteThisXmas

KFC have been running their #UniteThisXmas campaign since  Twitter competition for the past few weeks, asking people to put aside their differences over a bucket of KFC.

The advert is filmed as a ‘Christmas Number 1’ style song performed by  the ‘KFC choir’ which is also available for download on iTunes.

The campaign also featured a competition for fans to Tweet the ‘KFC Choir’ about someone they’d like to make amends with this Christmas, for the opportunity to star in an a new KFC Christmas ad.

Alpa Patel was chosen as the winner after she tweeted the KFC choir about falling our with her best friend whilst planning to go travelling. She starred in a minute long slot with herself and the KFC choir  during this weekend’s X Factor final.

The campaign will run until December 29th and was created by BBH with help from Walker Media and Fabric Worldwide.

This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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