How Social Integration Can Improve Your Site Functionality

How Social Integration Can Improve Your Site Functionality

By myclever™ Agency

Recently, mycleveragency launched a very unique project, certainly a project that was unique to me. Sure, the premise of the app was straightforward: A user logs in to the system, chooses a photo and uploads it into a moderation queue. However, what makes the project unique is that the user doesn’t have to enter a username, try to remember a password, or even browse through all the photos stored on their device. In fact, there isn’t a single input field on the app, yet it functions so seamlessly that you don’t even notice.

We have spent a lot of time trying to find solutions to a lot of common user problems within web apps. How many times have you tried to register for an app, only to find your username has been taken, or that your password doesn’t meet the right criteria? How many times have you tried to log back into that app, only to find that same password has been forgotten?

The Era of the Social Network

Marketers need to realise that the Internet is in the era of the social network, with millions of active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond. We also realise that the secret to a great app is to make a user feel at home, removing any boundaries or restrictions that might hinder their progress through the journey of the app.

So we have proactively researched and developed our own in-house tools to take advantage of this. The above example uses the Instagram API to achieve the usability of the app – A user logs in with their account and then once authorized, they have access to their Instagram photo reel which they can pick and choose from – a photo upload app, without the need for photo upload. Other than Instagram, our tools seamlessly integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

No Username, No Problem

The main reason behind our in-house tools is to provide convenience for the user. Any problems with forgotten usernames or passwords are a thing of the past, users can easily access media they have added to networks already, and can easily share their experience of the app without having to leave it. Our tools go way beyond simple authorisation though. Do you want to post a private message on LinkedIn? No problem. Want to upload that photo to a custom Facebook gallery? Simple! We have spent time researching common user actions on major networks and have incorporated a way in which to make these actions happen naturally within our apps.

Step 1. Users log in with their social account


Step 2. Users access their photos within the app


Our clients can also feel the benefits of these tools. A huge amount of demographic information can be captured without the user actually entering any of it. This information can help to tailor any future campaigns and help ensure you are interacting with your audience in the best way.

With these tools in place, we know that we can provide the user with an experience they will love, and integration with major social networks can not only help boost signups through convenience, but through the virality generated by the networks we integrate with.

The Internet has become a more connected, social experience. With these tools in place, we can ensure that our apps don’t miss out on any of that audience.

Over to you

What do you think? How could you use integration in your campaigns?

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