Last Week’s Clever Campaigns – Durex, Calvin Klein and Tom Ford

Last Week’s Clever Campaigns – Durex, Calvin Klein and Tom Ford

By myclever™ Agency

Mycleveragency strips down and reveals some of the most flirtatious campaigns – these brands are certainly known for being a little more than provocative.


Durex – #TurnOffToTurnOn

Durex released their latest campaign just in time for Earth Hour 2014, an event in support of environmental issues that urges people to turn off their lights one day a year between 8.30pm and 9.30pm.

This year the day fell on Saturday 29th March and Durex used the opportunity to create awareness about how much time we spend consumed on our mobile devices and online, and the lack of time we spend with the people closest to us.

The campaign asks for us to disconnect from social networking sites for one hour and spend the evening in bed with the lights turned off ‘reconnecting’ with the ones we love.

The condom manufacturer conducted a UK survey for the campaign, which revealed jaw-dropping results: 12% of people have answered a call during in sex, 10% have read a text and 5% have actually checked their Facebook while making love.

Durex’s survey clearly shows that many people are too addicted to social networking sites as 40% of couples said it had a negative effect on their relationship. Regardless, Durex’s campaign comes at a perfect time as it not only creates awareness for our planet but it also promotes engaging physically with human beings rather than virtually, whilst practicing safe sex.

The campaign spans across 56 markets, featured around a short YouTube film and several short stories of couples that have become too distracted by the small screen we carry around with us religiously. It also continues over a campaign microsite and social platforms with the hashtag #TurnOffToTurnOn, along with artwork posted across Facebook and Twitter.








Calvin Klein – #MyCalvins

The nostalgic Instagram campaign encourages people to post pictures of themselves wearing their favourite Calvins, in the aim to create brand awareness.

The campaign was kicked off by sending Calvin Klein underwear out to models, musicians and other celebrities including Miranda Kerr, Kendall Jenner and Trey Songz, followed by them posting a photo of them wearing them with the hashtag #MyCalvins. The campaign has now exploded as avid posers of the public share images in their undies and has continuously been successful for over a month now.

In total it is claimed that more than 100 influencers from 15 different countries with a combined fan base of over 250 million were reached. The popularity has resulted in an on-going page attached to the website which will continuously refresh and allow you to view these beautiful people, while having the ability to shop at the touch of your fingertips.


This short YouTube video was also created to entice people to strip down and display their Calvins.





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Tom Ford – Goes Digital

The racy high fashion brand, known for their raunchy ad campaigns launched their first e-commerce store last week. Although Tom Ford has expressed in the past his dislike for online fashion, he has stated that it will still provide a ‘premium’ experience for the user.

The site is limited as it only serves English speaking and US based customers, however, it is the start to a complete online presence, as the brand will follow this movement by reaching out to all social media platforms more vigorously. The new online site has already been promoted over its fairly low-key online channels – Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest with posts alluring fans.


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