Last Week’s Clever Campaigns – Lipton, Pepsi, Schwarzkopf and Paddy Power

Last Week’s Clever Campaigns – Lipton, Pepsi, Schwarzkopf and Paddy Power

By myclever™ Agency

Lipton – Be More Tea

Lipton, the world’s best-selling tea brand, who have been established for more than 100 years unveiled their Be More Tea ad, which see the Muppets take centre stage – including Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Animal demonstrating just how stressful life can be without a cuppa and why you should ‘Be More Tea’. Lipton obviously took inspiration from the 2013 Campaign of the Year winners, O2 with its ‘Be More Dog’.

Alfie Vivian, The Vice-President of Lipton’s parent company Unilever said: “Lipton wants to inspire consumers to ‘look up’, take in all that life has to offer and enjoy what you may have otherwise missed. This is what ‘Be More Tea’ means to Lipton and the philosophy we will bring to life in our new national ad campaign starring the Muppets,”

Kermit the Frog also commented about his starring role between his busy work schedule saying: “Making movies and dating Miss Piggy can be stressful – especially the dating part. But I always try to stay cool and look on the bright side. That’s what this Lipton campaign is all about.”

Mycleveragency rating 4/5

Pepsi – #LiveForNow

Pepsi launched their first global campaign ‘Live For Now’ back in 2012, reflecting its research on fans who desire to live life for all of its excitement – a core believe in the brands ethos.

The brand has taken user engagement a step further by inviting the public to upload ‘unbelievable vines’ with the hashtag #LiveForNow. The best 6-second videos will showcase on digital billboards in seven cities across the UK.

The news follows the latest videos by Pepsi, which sees stunt man Damien Walters below, run a human loop the loop and the infamous ‘Card Ninja’. The campaign involves ‘Unbelievable’ videos, with Dynamo jumping on the band wagon back in the summer, riding the bus unconventionally – outside, in the air, holding on with one hand.

Mycleveragency rating 5/5

Schwarzkopf – You – A Declaration of Love

Mixed emotions in the office by this Valentine’s campaign from Schwarzkopf. This campaign certainly brought a tear to my eye; but made others feel sick by its ‘soppy and irrelevant advertisement.’

The heart-tugging ad explores the little things that make us fall in love with someone. The ad, which went live earlier this month, features a man, woman, spring flowers and the declaration of love and commitment in a relationship.

The viral ad demonstrates how true love creates beauty and is certainly not just a declaration of love but a declaration of women – Of course I’m sure most men could fall in love with this beautiful model with long shiny hair!

Mycleveragency rating 2/5

Paddy Power – How To Gatecrash The Brits

The mischievous bookmakers state on their website ‘If we haven’t yet done the marketing equivalent of running up and slapping you in the face, then please allow us to introduce ourselves’, and they certainly over introduced themselves at the Brits.

The betting company have unquestionably pulled some not so clever stunts in the past, however, they’ve certainly generated a social buzz on Twitter and Facebook. The latest one comes from two imposters dressed as Daft Punk, invading the Brits and dropping their trousers displaying a green pair of Paddy Power pants. The video was posted on Paddy Power’s YouTube channel and shared virally along with tweets asking why Daft Punk had no clothes on!

The naughty brand are renowned for PR stunts in order to increase conversation online including placing a wax model of Sir Alex Ferguson outside Manchester United’s ground following a bad start to the season, with the sign ‘In case of emergency break glass’. Along with skyjacking the Ryder Cup, creating giant fan tweets in the sky.

Mycleveragency rating 3/5


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