Social Media from the Frontline: Natalie Fahey

Social Media from the Frontline: Natalie Fahey

By myclever™ Agency

Social Media from the Frontline is back and this time we’re chatting with fashionista Natalie Fahey – PrettyLittleThing’s Social Media Manager. Natalie is giving us the low down on how the winners of the 2013 Rimmel Fabulous Online Boutique Awards approach social media, along with a few tips and predictions for the year ahead.

NAME: Natalie Fahey


ROLE: Social Media Manager








Tell us about yourself.

I’m 28, born and raised in Manchester with a design and marketing background. My role consists of strategy planning, analysis and reporting whilst also creating the overall content strategy. The PLT blog and blogger outreach program also fall under my area which means each day is varied and a lot of fun!

How do approach social media?

Our main focus for Social Media over the next quarter is to really grow our followers on Twitter and Facebook. We’re hoping to achieve this by using our content strategy, whilst also integrating social within the overall marketing activity for the brand. Not only are we trying to increase followers on paper, but we want to actually attract lifetime fans that have a genuine interest in our brand and a love for our products. The idea is to convert these initial relationships into a loyal fan base of customers, as in the past I’ve found that quick wins such as competition entrants usually result in low engagement and poor conversion rates.

What social media platforms work best for

Each platform works well in its own right as they all can be used to reach people differently depending on the objective. For example, Facebook naturally brings us a lot of traffic to the site that converts into sales, whereas Twitter traffic is directed more towards the blog as we do not currently have a mobile optimised checkout process. On the other hand, Instagram is great for engagement and brand awareness, yet the latter is increasingly difficult to measure.

Do you have any social media tips you’d like to pass on to our readers?

I think a lot of companies rush into using social media platforms because they feel an urgent need to follow other brands and to stay on top of the changing world of social media. It’s good to stay in the loop and ahead with the latest possibilities; however, companies should assess what social media platform is right for them to reach their target market effectively. Once they have the knowledge of the appropriate channels, which will help them achieve this, they will get a better engagement. It’s not always beneficial to be on every channel available, but in fact, sometimes to be on 1 or 2 to really reach a fan base. 

Where do you think social media is going? Do you have any predictions?

I think we all need to keep an eye on Google+. I know currently it’s not one of the most loved platforms by marketers and users but the more Google search recognises the social signals as part of its algorithm, the stronger this platform will become in the future.

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