Flat Design vs Skeuomorphism [Infographic]

Flat Design vs Skeuomorphism [Infographic]

By Nick Cullen

There is always more than one way to do things right.

Recently at myclever™ Agency, we’ve been working on two very similar apps for Visit England and Del Monte Europe, which encompass Flat Design and Skeuomorphism.

Both have similar functionality, with the user uploading images and a story.

These Apps are responsive across all devices, but the visual creative differs.

Flat User Interface Design is a minimalist aesthetic principle whereas Skeuomorphism relates to a design concept that resembles real-life design.

Below is a guide to Flat Design vs Skeuomorphism, so you can decide which design concept will work best for you.


Over To You

What do you think? What will be the future of design across devices?

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This post was written by Nick Cullen

Nick's responsible for the design of artwork for our Social Media clients, working along side our in house campaign and technical managers.