How to Use Your Email List to Create a Facebook Custom Audience

How to Use Your Email List to Create a Facebook Custom Audience

By myclever™ Agency

What is a Facebook Custom Audience?

For those of you who haven’t heard of Custom Audiences before, this feature allows you to target your existing customers with Facebook ads even if they are not already fans of your Page. The feature is now available to all advertisers through the Facebook self-serve ad tool, Power Editor. We’re big fans of Power Editor and we have already shown you how to create call-to-action buttons for your Facebook posts in our previous blog.

To create a custom audience in Power Editor click on the  “Audiences” tab on the left and then click the green “Create Audience” button at the top right of the next screen.

Audiences tab









From the next pop-up screen you’ll want to click on  “Data File Custom Audience”.

data file custom audience













Now, name your audience and add a description. You will want to be quite descriptive so you’ll know exactly what it is later. This is especially important when using multiple custom audiences.














From the “Select Data Type” drop down choose “Email” and upload the file that contains your list of customers. This file must be in CSV or TXT format  and when using an email list make sure that it is in a single column and contains only correct email addresses.

select type













Click “Create Audience” and Facebook  will generate a list of Facebook users who are also on your email lists.

Now you’ve made your custom audience you will want to put it to good use!

Acquire New Likes

This should be a given. When designing your Facebook ads you will have probably put a lot of thought into which interests, ages, countries and other targeting options you should use to make sure you reach your perfect audience.

Well, what if I told you that you already had all of the information you needed to reach these people? You already know that the people on your email lists have an interest in your brand, this is why they have opted in to giving you their email address in the first place. Now, all you need to do is to get them to like your Facebook page so you can strengthen the affinity further.

To do this you need to take two simple steps:

1. Exclude current fans from your targeting

2. Use your new email custom audience

To set this up head to the audience step of the ad creation in Power Editor.

To exclude your existing fans head to the bottom of the audience screen to “Connections”. Now enter your Page name into the field named “Target users who are not already connected to:” .








To use your new custom audience click on the “Advanced” link within the audience step and enter the name of your custom audience that contains your email list into the “Custom Audiences” field.

Create a Lookalike Audience

Once you have created your custom audience you can serve your Facebook ads to this select group. However, let’s say that you have a relatively average size email list but you want to extend your reach to a larger group of people. You can do this by creating a lookalike audience. While you may not be targeting the people on your email list you will be targeting other Facebook users similar to them.

To create a Lookalike Audience click on “Ad Tools” in the top right then select “Audiences” from the drop down menu.

ad tools







Then select “Create Audience” then “Lookalike Audience” and you will see this menu:














In the source field select the custom audience that you want to use as the template for your lookalikes then choose a country to target. Your native country will automatically be selected. Adjust the slider based on how similar you want your lookalike to be to your custom audience. The closer to reach the slider moves the more people your ad will be served to but the less similar they will be to your original custom audience.

Over to you.

What do you think? Have you tried using custom audiences?

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