Instagram Unveils New ‘Facebook-esque’ Desktop Timeline

Instagram Unveils New ‘Facebook-esque’ Desktop Timeline

By myclever™ Agency

Instagram are releasing a new desktop timeline that is remarkably similar to the new streamlined pages announced by their older sibling, Facebook.

The photo-sharing giants will begin rolling out a new look and feel for their desktop timeline that will see the Profile page expanded and the familiar one column approach changed to two – just like Facebook.

In-fact there are more similarities than differences between the two new-look timelines.

Since Facebook’s purchase of Instagram in 2012 very little has changed in terms of design or functionality. The idea has apparently been a long time in the making and it is actually something that was tested on a select few brands towards the end of 2013.

The overhaul doesn’t really offer anything new in terms of features. The profile information is getting moved into different places but you won’t really be given anything new to play with.




Here are the key features of the update:

Featured Cover Photo –
Your profile will now include a Facebook-style cover montage of your most-recent image posts.

New Multi Column Format –
The familiar single flow of image posts has been abandoned. All of your image posts will appear in the right-hand column while a new left-hand column has been introduced and will contain all of your other information.

Left Tab for “About” Info –
The new left-hand column of your profile features counts for your “posts”, “followers” and “following”, as well as your personal details or “Bio” info.

Left Column Grid for Previous Posts –
Your photos and videos will be grouped into a separate grid on the left hand side below your personal information allowing you to seamlessly scroll through your previous posts.

Introduction of New Tabs –
Sitting below the new cover photo will be tabs for Bio, Photo, Videos and More. The tab for the “Direct” picture post function has also been moved into the cover photo.



Sources at Instagram are still to confirm the changes.

This post was written by myclever™ Agency

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