Top 10 Brands on Google+

Top 10 Brands on Google+

By Liam Foy

We all know as marketers that Google+ is going to play a part at some point but here are my favourite brands that are currently maximising their efforts on Google+. I’ve been a fan of the platform for a while, it offers me something that I can’t quite get on some of the other bigger platforms. So without further a do here’s my top 10. If you disagree or think I’ve missed any please let me know :)


From a personal perspective I love the majority of content that Cadbury put out across, from general images to GIFs (like the one below). They’ve got the perfect balance imagery, GIFs and video. They’re by far one of the leading brands in the in utilising Google Hangouts, with their latest #CremeEggBake hangout with the Creme Egg Brownie inventor. Also, they’re not greedy (excuse the bad pun), but they’re more than happy to share others content too, emphasising that community feel. The one stand out aspect for me is that they have solely Google+ exclusive content, where a lot of other brands don’t even think sharing content on G+ is necessary.


General Electric

Where to start with General Electric? We all know how great they are on other social media platforms and Google+ is no different. Their rich content from videos & Hangouts, high-res photos, infosnippets and yes GIFs creates a great looking and informative page. Make sure to check out their cover photo! 


I wouldn’t say ASOS‘ day to day content is amazing but they’re playing to the strengths of the platform. They’re utilising GIFs to showcase multiple products in one quick stream, be it trainers to underwear – it offers a quick and fresh look at their new products. The one thing I do love that they do is Google Helpouts – the essence of it is you get a personal stylist over a hangout, very nifty indeed. I’d recommend having a look at it, really cool idea.

mycleveragency ASOS Helpouts


Dance music may not be for everyone, I’m not even that much of a fan of it to be honest, but I do like what Mixmag are doing on G+. Their content is engaging for the dance music enthusiast with Soundcloud mixes, live DJ sets (via a Hangout) and links back to articles on their site. Oh, and the occasional fun post – usually in GIF form. If you hadn’t guessed I love a GIF.  



Topshop have been one of the leading high street brands on Google+ for the last 12 months, if not longer. I think they’re daily content is fairly similar to ASOS were it’s nothing ground breaking but it’s how they utilise the additional features of Google+, especially Hangouts – especially at fashion weeks. Worth keeping an eye on to see how they keep on top of the platform and grow it even more. 

Manchester City

This one pains me to say but Manchester City do have a great presence on Google+ and similarly to Topshop, have been rocking it for the last year or so. There’s so much good, engaging that goes out on the platform and it’s not just from the senior team – there’s youth and women’s teams updates to cater for all fans. ( I couldn’t find a suitable post to share, so had to go with my beloved Arsenal – who don’t do a bad job on G+ either).



At some point everyone in their life has probably wished to go into space and NASA try their best to get you as close as possible to that dream, especially with Astronaut Hangouts – Yes I have joined one once and they’ve got one happening this weekend. I’m a space geek but even for people who aren’t would enjoy the content that goes out. It’s just fascinating, interesting stuff!  


With the largest community on Google+ and obviously be Google owned, Android do have a great presence on the platform and produce some really great content. The utilise the GIF friendly platform to show how updates have been rolled out.


Google Maps

Okay, it seems like a Google fan boy right now but I genuinely think that that both Google Maps and Android are delivering great content and keeping people ‘engaged’ on the platform. One thing I love about Google Maps’ is that you get to find great Google Map API creations, like the ‘Nightwalk in Marseille‘ (definitely worth checking out even for the seductive French accent) or their April Fool’s Pokemon mashup. 


Lacoste I really like on Google+. They have a great mix of new content for new lines, like their #codeyourlife campaign (great bit of fun) and old nostalgic content, which we all know gets shared a lot. This mix of content give’s the user a better feel for the brand and an insight in to the history of their favourite clothing brand.

This post was written by Liam Foy

As Head of Client Services, Liam ensures that all of his clients’ strategies are on track, delivering ROI and coming up with new ideas to drive them forward. Beer makes him tick, reading, learning and drinking it.