Top 10 Brands on Vine: 2014

Top 10 Brands on Vine: 2014

By myclever™ Agency

We all know that concentration spans are falling, time is valuable and you have less and less of it tell your brand story. This is where Vine comes in. The mobile app that was purchased by Twitter in 2012 for 30 million dollars gives users a maximum of 6 seconds to create a clip to be shared on Vine’s social network.

Within days of the app launching brands began experimenting with this new network to see what it could offer them. Now, a little over one year later we take a look at the brands who are using Vine to produce inspiring and engaging content.

Take a look at our top 10 brands on Vine:

Taco Bell

The fast food chain that has built a reputation for notoriety on all social channels. The brand frequently engages in Twitter banter with other brands and more often than not comes out on top.


The undisputed kings of Vine consistently produce content that is engaging, entertaining and playful, often using the infinite loop feature to their advantage. They have too many brilliant examples to choose from but this is one of our personal favourites.


Hand drawn Vines? It is the end result of a long drawn-out process (geddit?) but the Spotify show that the end result more than justifies the effort.


Ford are simply amazing on Vine, leading the way in terms a creativity, brand self-awareness and humour.

Xbox UK

This is a great example of a really creative use of Vine. Xbox UK have released a series of Vines to promote the release of first-person-shooter Titanfall. They also created an amazing Vine promoting the same game using nothing but post-it notes.


A great example of another brand that has mastered the infinite loop feature. This time we see Barcelona and Spain superstar Iniesta showing off his football skills by trick passing the ball to… well, himself.


You would probably expect to see Oreo on this list. They are consistently leading the way when it comes to social trends and when it comes to Vine, nothing is different. Wether it be quirky promotional posts or instructional videos, they find creative ways to feature their product within the 6 second time frame.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer’s “Not Your Father’s Browser” vine campaign has quickly catapulted the Microsoft browser into the top spots for brands using Vine. The campaign is quirky and quite frankly, downright hilarious. Exactly how we like to see brands using this platform.

Coca Cola

Would you really expect anything other than genius from the social media juggernaut that is Coca Cola. Recognised as one of the leading brands across Facebook it seems like they have their sights set on dominating Vine as well and with posts like this one I think they are well on track to achieve that goal.

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts claimed a world first by producing a Vine that was aired as a commercial during an ESPN football programme in September. This forward thinking application of the platform definitely deserves a mention. Oh, and the rest of their content isn’t too shabby either!

Over to You

What do you think? Who are your favourite brands using Vine?

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